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    Hey i posted this in the Poetry section in the main forums, just thought id post it here for all the UK people to read it to!
    Please read it as a piece of spoken poetry, not a rap. I know it has rap elements but thats the way i write... well here goes it, hope you enjoy :rolleyes: :


    Calculate the maths.
    Navigate the maps.
    Travel through the minds eye
    meditate, relax.
    Find time and create the space to make tracks
    Celebrate the fact that we escaped the traps
    layed to catch,
    the subconscious mind
    Decieve mankind and leave the third eye blind
    But my insight cannot be impared
    im visually aware, although initially unprepared
    for the actuality
    stifled by the practicalities of creativity i seek freedom
    i visualise the scene
    i can see the grand scheme through these eyes of dreams
    my stream of consciousness is liquid tranquility
    a turquoise pool of limitless caligraphy
    my brain engaged in subagratic activity
    the endangered species released from captivity
    to reclaim the rainforests
    and roam the outback in the clouds we compse this soundtrack
    i focus on peace and daydream about that
    a fat-cat scheme but we avoid the mousetrap
    its abstract as an android aspirations
    seen through computer generated animations
    a rainbow of pixels, invisible to the fickle
    your will too weak, your bones brittle
    my flows' the lone trickle of liquid
    on the sickle of the druid
    presence of this
    the life fluid
    Life, i persue it with a passion
    lights camera action
    another cinematic adaption

    When i rise and open my eyes
    its like the universe beginning
    i wake at daybreak the sky's blue the birds are singing
    and even though the earths spinnin
    everything in view is motionless for a minute or two
    as the true colors of mother nature captured in a freeze-frame
    it seems strange i sit back and watch the scene change
    I see green plains and picture myself there
    the city restricts me so i consider my welfare
    starin at a cracked grey wall
    and even when things get heated i stay cool
    the astral vapours break my fall
    i take it all in my stride
    use my time wisely and move with the tide
    utilise the wisdom of my guide
    unify light and dark to balance out either side
    we provide stability, attention and care
    my sidekick, the drum that comes before the snare
    the sidekick had a premonition of creation
    i blocked out the noise and watched the clouds in formation
    from the park
    layed out on the grass, as the darkness descends
    i discard simple dens as shelter
    coz everyday im dealt a new hand
    and my mind plans to expand
    you'll see my name on your news-stand
    you cant distract me
    coz i see red when im angry and red when i happy...

    Well there it is! Any feedback is welcome!
    M -I- X
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    hey, thank for sharing this here! woo, i championed it in the poetry forum, and think it is very grand!
  3. Mix

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    yeah man thanks alot! lol. What sorta music you into then? I'm loving basically any form of music - except pop and commercial stuff!
    thanks again
    M -I- X
  4. Spyder

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    im pretty much a music junky...i listen to pretty much anything an everything i can get my hands on!

    obviously i have prefered stuff, but vastly too many to mention! you name it and we'll see if i like it

    do you use msn at all?
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    Wow I love this:D

    It's one of those rare poems...

    It rhymes (which usually i am wary of) but it totally flows too....:)

    Great imagery...

    *thumbs up*

    Love Clairexxx

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