redbarcheta is NOT dead, go smoke

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by redbarcheta, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. redbarcheta

    redbarcheta Member

    yes everyone is dieing but im still alive, everyone go smoke some ganga to celebrate how living you are!!!!! Becuase life it truely a gift, and something that shouldnt be taken for granted.
  2. rhasta.penguin

    rhasta.penguin No more hippy...ugh

    true, lets just smoke a bowl and stop making threads about who is not dead

    maybe its just been from the huge earthquake and tsunami that has killed at least 100,000 people, but i dont wanna see any threads about who is dead if they really arent...
  3. redbarcheta

    redbarcheta Member

    yes its getting quite annoying
  4. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    one step ahead of ya... lol, I toked a bowl. Feelin nice.
  5. redbarcheta

    redbarcheta Member

    nice man, i havent smoked since christmas WOW havent taken that long of a break for awhile, getting some free weed tomarrow, maybe ill save it, maybe ill toke up with my girlfriend
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