Red Eyes?

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by skullkidnate, May 23, 2007.

  1. skullkidnate

    skullkidnate ナサニエル


  2. young_deadhead

    young_deadhead I Love Lucy

    kroger sucks meijer is where its at
  3. skullkidnate

    skullkidnate ナサニエル

    Thats Walgreens man. hahaha

    Yea generic but got them for a laugh.
  4. skullkidnate

    skullkidnate ナサニエル

    OOO you mean on the paper bags?
  5. young_deadhead

    young_deadhead I Love Lucy

  6. skullkidnate

    skullkidnate ナサニエル

    Well, they are cheap :)
  7. smokindude

    smokindude Senior Member

    Arnt those just for contact lenses?
  8. skullkidnate

    skullkidnate ナサニエル

    Shit IDK.
  9. Splosh

    Splosh Member

    Yes they are.
    You soak your contact lenses in them at night to sterilise them and clean them up. I wouldnt reguarly put that stuff in my eyes if i were you...
  10. ganjabomber

    ganjabomber Senior Member

    rodos is where its at!
  11. skullkidnate

    skullkidnate ナサニエル

    Yea I use visine. I just saw the huge bottle and got them for a laugh.
  12. i always get really RED eyes when i smoke the quality shit, but i never get red eyes if i smoke the ok-ok quality kind of pot. but i never really cared if my parents or somebody else saw me with the red eyes. i'm not too worried about it because... who cares! it can be the allergies, it can be because of any reasons. they can't always be like "oh that guy's smoking dope, because of his/her eyes." you know how people are nowadays. but i can understand those ones who are concerned about their parents finding out that they're smoking some pot. it's alright, it's not like i'm pointing fingers or whatever. it's just that you gotta put it aside and play it cool and hope they don't find out. if they do, who cares, you'll still smoke pot anyway. lol :-D peace

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