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Discussion in 'New Movies' started by Shale, Jul 19, 2013.

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    RED 2
    Movie Blurb by Shale
    July 19, 2013

    Getting ready for this sequel, I watched RED from 2010 last night on DVD.

    I really liked that movie and this one has many of the core actors playing Retired, Extremely Dangerous black ops agents. Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is happily trying to live a normal suburban life with Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker), the woman he hooked up with on the last adventure. They are in Costco shopping when Frank sees Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich) who in his usual paranoid way feels they are being targeted again. And, as usual, Marvin's crazy conspiracy theories prove true.

    Marvin, Sarah & Frank on Hit List Again

    As with the last movie, this sends them on the run as well as a search for why they are being targeted and by whom. The last movie was a trip around the U.S. this one goes overseas, where Frank runs into Katya (Catherine Zeta-Jones) an old acquaintance from Russia. Sarah, the newcomer into the assassin business is not too pleased with Katya's history with her man.

    Katya, Sarah & Frank

    But before long Sarah will adapt to the game at hand and use her wiles to help with the mission. Marvin is giving her pointers (and guns), much to Frank's disapproval but she comes into her own.

    Meantime, Victoria (Helen Mirren) is given the assignment to kill Frank. She calls to let him know this but in this business a contract is a contract and friends know that.

    Victoria Scoping Out Old Friends

    The mystery behind all this mayhem is a cold-war era assignment where Frank was going after Dr. Edward Bailey (Anthony Hopkins) a brilliant weapons scientist who made an easily smuggled nuclear device that was smuggled into Russia.

    So, just like the last movie where our black-ops team infiltrated CIA headquarters in Langley, this time they infiltrate The Kremlin. Adding to the mix, are a couple of agents out to get Frank & company. Jack Horton (Neal McDonough) is a sociopathic assassin (It's his eyes - he's just cold) with the CIA and Han (Byung-hun Lee) is the most dangerous hit man in the world. And, just as with the last movie, alliances switch and no one trusts anyone.

    Han & Victoria Paired Up

    I liked this movie as did 76% of audiences but only 39% of the aggregate critics on Rottentomatoes cared for it. I can see their points where it failed but it is a sequel, so it does not have the impact of the first movie. And, I'm in the audience, not a critic. If you saw RED and liked it you will probably like this one as well - tho not so much
  2. yahoohippegm

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    I didn't care much for the first Red. When I saw the trailer for Red 2, I wasn't surprised critics didn't like it.

  3. yahoohippegm

    yahoohippegm Member

    Unfortunatly, I'm seeing this tonight. I am not a fan of the first one.


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