Recurring Dream of dead step mom

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Seachells, May 28, 2007.

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    When I was 16 ( I'm 19 now) my step mom died suddenly. For the last year I've been having these awful recurring dreams about how she never really died. In one dream, they barried her alive, and she had to dig herself out with her engagement ring ( the ring my dad regrets leaving in the casket). In another dream she just never was burried, and skipped off across country only to come back 3 years later to start over again. In some I don't even know how she got back. In another her and her twin switched and her twin actually died. But the same thing happens in all these dreams. I am extremely upset that she's back. ( me and my step mom never got along) and I always try to figure out how she got back. And I always convince myself "it isn't a dream, this is real". And my dad is always so happy to have her back. And everyone ignores the fact that she was gone for a couple years. They go on with their daily lives, like someone didn't just dig themselves out of a live grave. And I'm the only one that's flustered by this. Last night was the only time in any of the dreams that I ever talked to her. usually I just watch her talk to people. I don't understand them at all and their driving me insane. Does anyone have any idea why I'm having these dreams?
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    maybe you wanna try and look on your dreams differently and see them as opportunity to find healing and closure inside yourself. Your stepmom is as alive as your own need to grow through exactly those things that you feel so upset about.

    Try a simple visualisation if you want, each night before you go to sleep. Imagine your step mom is surrounded by white light. Send her your love and let her go. She is just on her own unique journey.

    See yourself worthy and loved for who you are. Only you can do this.
    Open to your own inner guidance, and communicate there.

    This is just what came into my mind. Hope it helps !

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