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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by ramblingpurse, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. ramblingpurse

    ramblingpurse Member

    I can only remember parts of this dream, but I have been having it for weeks now.
    Though I cant always recall details of the physicality of the dreams and their events, I can always vividly recall how I felt during the dream...sometimes thats about all I can remember.

    This dream its a little different every time, but basically the same.

    I am in a restaurant with lots of people, some I know, some I dont, its a party of some sort. Its a chic location, modern, dimly lit, large windows. We are in the city. The streets outside are quiet.

    Its nighttime.
    Everyone is wearing that unusual combo of dress and casual that hipsters pull off flawlessly.
    I am wearing a black sweater and blazer with dark jeans.
    The age range is mostly younger, 20s and 30's with a few older party goers round the room.

    Talkative mood.
    But then the mood of the party/gathering turns odd. The room and the mood grow darker.

    Fear and panic seep into the air.
    I dont know what exactly sets this in motion, but I feel suspicious. I leave the main dining room/banquet room.
    I am curious, theres commotion outside the room, yelling and crashing noises, like people are throwing things.
    So I venture out in the hallway, and look around a large pier. A few people are talking, I cant make out what it is they are saying, but its not good. It sounds like some sort of unfortunate plot.

    They mention evil, violence, bad things. Names of people at the party are mentioned, as if these people might not be leaving the gathering alive?

    I am filled with panic. It takes me a long time to return to the party....I have to keep moving around corners and piers to stay out of sight of these people.

    I finally return to the party.

    I dont know how to proceed.

    There is another room upstairs. Suddenly all the guests are there.

    People are scared. The ones I witnessed talking in the hall have herded everyone up to this room, dark, with tall windows on one side. It feels like a chapel.

    There is a huge metal basin in the center of the room, between 2 aisles of seats, like a church.

    Candles rise several feet into the air surround the basin.

    An ornate altar of some sort is at the front of the room.

    Noticing people staring at me, I look down and I am not wearing the clothes I arrived in, but a floor length gown, white, slightly sheer.

    Everyone is looking at me, as if I know what to do, as if I can fix what is about to happen.

    I walk to the far end of the chapel-like room. I move to the center of the wall.
    I place my hands high above my head, stretched apart, upon the wall. I bow my head.

    I close my eyes. I breathe deeply.

    From somewhere in my consciousness, words arise. I dont know where they are coming from, what they mean, or what language they are in.

    I feel the wall vibrate and pulsate beneath my hands. I tighten my grip. I know I should be scared.

    I speak louder, the room shakes, the walls seem to stretch.

    White noise fills the room. I can hear the people behind me.

    Giant cracks appear in the wall, starting at the center and moving outward.

    The noise reaches a crescendo and stops.

    Light floods the room.

    Then it is silent.
  2. Lanstar Zero

    Lanstar Zero Member

    Wow - I was immediately drawn to this thread. Upon opening it but prior to reading it I felt a strange resonance, and then I noticed you live in Columbus, OH. I read it - some interesting and powerful threads there. I can't tell you what it means, but I can tell you the main thread that expressed itself to me. Honestly, and this is very forward seeing as I know nothing about you, but I would be willing to talk to you about it over coffee (herbal tea, in my case .. no caffeine).. or veggie food, or something. I have a mixed relationship with the combination of computers + communication..

    Let me know what you think.
  3. themnax

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    the movie willow! ever see it? there's a part near the end with an in someways similar setting. a sorcerous battle over an infant princes if i remember correctly.

    i think it is a good thing, these kind of dreams where you win for everyone without knowing quite how you are guided to do so.

  4. rg paddler

    rg paddler Senior Member

    i'm no dream specialist - but I have had similar dreams - not in imagery but in the way that would be the kind of thing that would make me sit for about half an hour afterwards,outwardly saying some expletive and trying to recall the details - some dreams seem to be more visionary.I even had a really bizarre time once when I could jump as high as I liked but only donned in purple Y-fronts.I rescued a group of students trapped inside a fenced off inferno in a field - it sounds stupid but when I was jumping over the clouds the rush of adrenalyn was beyond any drug/buzz of any kind I've ever known while awake.well - u had to be there.Willow - val kilmer,yeah he got convincingly stoned in that too - except via pixie dust! nice film (good hair too - everyones got plaits in their beards!)
  5. I live in Ohio and I just had a dream there were two Jesuses...AND I WAS ONE OF THEM!!! I found it to be just a tad bit odd.

    "Time is merely an illusion, created as a by-product of the human equallibrium..."

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