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Discussion in 'Genitalia' started by acropora, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. acropora

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    Recently, I have come to find out that my partner has been torn in a number of places inside her vaginal area, after a visit with the gynocologist. We have been sexually active now for almost two months now, but have never had an occurance this severe. We both believe it was due to my size, so we stopped any sexual activity for a week. After a week passed we couldn't hold out any longer. At first when we started again she felt a small pain, and it quickly disappeared. We started again the next day, and the pain was back. So we are now taking another break. Up until the recent tearing we would usually go at it everyday of the week. She had experienced soreness the returning day, but it was usually minor.

    So heres my questions, woman have you had a partner that was above average that you were readily sexually active with? Did you ever get to the point where you accomadate his size without post-soreness?

    Every girl that have sex with in the past has experienced the same soreness, never a problem with tearing. But the awful soreness the next day... I try to tell her this, so she does not believe the problem lies in her. But I have never had a partner that would want it daily, so the sorness was usually gone the next time we did anything.
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    I tear sometimes, sometimes I'm jst too dry and not ready for sex i guess. Is she small. My doc says the dryness combines with the tightness is the reason why I hurt so bad.

    Try an antiseptic soothing cream... that can help a great deal
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    Use lube and try some foreplay. How big are you anyway? Unless you are the proud owner of a monstercock everything should be fine if you just SLOW DOWN.
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    Thanks for the replies. She is dry a fair share of times, but we make sure to use our fair share of astroglide. Even she when she isn't we use it a lot of the time. We always have some foreplay sometimes just 15 minutes, other times for almost an hour. That antiseptic soothing cream is an interesting idea, does it help heal easier, or just numb the pain? We have been going slow when we have been doing anything lately, but its to hard to always do this. Slow is fun occasionally. Also, I think the other problem is it takes me forever to go, so we ususally will have sex for an hour at the minimum if we have some time. So Im pretty sure that just makes the situation even worse.

    Btw, I dont have a monster cock. When I measured myself. I am 7.25 in length, and 6.25 around. But you dont have to have a monster cock for it to feel uncomfortable in someone, in my experience.

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