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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Little flower, May 30, 2006.

  1. Little flower

    Little flower Member

    right, im just going to sprout alot of random shite

    here goes.....

    well pheobe as in friends as in E4 as in tv as in world is on tv, she is flipping coins. wow

    braveheart stars mel gibson who is also a member of the human race, how freakily wowy is that people and mice!

    oooo the connection has grown up in its own home town of sumhikulopy
    awwwww all up and up and down and down.

    and now a song, to all those who have looked at the ground for a passing joke,

    fellas, dont you long to be a woman? i am the ocado man, i deliver down you way, there gonna tast great, there gonna tast great, now thats no comprimise! this year ariel is helping tennis, seee what you could save, ooooo if you love to hate and hate to love youl like to dislike the suuun and the mooon and the unholy goat! but mab oneday youl live like a king, but not a queen oh no! not her, you will understand oneday my little friend, who lives in a box with wallpaper, you silly sausage with ketchup, tut tut i must say my love, with your green and red hat, its not christmas my dear!

    and that was my delectible song for you eyes, and mayb your ears,

    rain drops keep falling on my head, and i love it!

    it is tuesday, day of mars, wooooow and tomorrow it must mean its going to be wednesday! and then thursday and then friday and then saturday an d then sunday and then monday and THEN..... back to tuesday again, life is a circle is it not my darling winged friends of the earth?

    my first name means night, and it is arabic, i love it so.

    self tanning means you can tan yourself :) wow, im a clever bunny wunny.

    why do men where ties, its amazing how many minutes we all spend in front of the mirror in the mornings, and yes, we do all dance in our bathrooms, and talk to ourselves, but its not wrong, its natural. we all do it, and if tony blair gets his way, when we sing our songs off the radio and pout and shake our tusshies, it will allllll be on tape, wow, i hope that doesnt happen guys! that wouldnt be good my dearlings, yes, i said DEARLINGS, not darlings, its not a typo.

    anyway, i loved typing this, and i love you all :)

    love, blessings and peace to all who bothered to read this random shite :)

  2. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    I disagree with everything you said
    (even though I only glanced it over)

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