Reality-and-Practical Policies-and-Programmes For The Modern Era Or Centuries-and-Millenniums

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    -Cure life-threatening diseases, such as malignant metatastic cancer (which is treatable, even if it is a life-style disease, by cancer immunotherapy or the so-called "tumor monorail", which can then be perfected-and-personalised or perfected-by-personalising, which comes back to dna-built-based-and-bound of-by-and-for medicine, supplanting-and-superseding chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery, besides essential oil-based aromatherapy is only mild-to-moderate anti-carcinogenic, such as and specifically frankincense and such as and specifically sandalwood, molecular biology and nanotechnology is fundamentally vital)
    -Reverse aging (requires molecular biology and nanotechnology)
    -Reverse death (requires molecular biology and nanotechnology)
    -Automate industries, at least blue-collar industries, "fully-thoroughly-and-fatally", both most blue-collar grey-collar industries and most pink-collar industries, pension-off by a basic income, every fortnight blue-collar laborers, partially-automate both white-collar industries and white-collar gold-collar industries, pension-off every fortnight white-collar worker's, then democratise the work-places for both white-collar industries and white-collar gold-collar industries (cause no one should have to labor with their bodies, but work with their mind's)
    -Have a migration-and-movement (for both immigration and emigration) policy-and-programme
    -Expand the re-distributionist (in relation to welfare, have a "virtual" basic income, homing/housing and employment through "collectively owning and democratically organising" white-collar businesses for between 14/15/16 year old's to 19/20/21 year old's to emancipate/liberate/vindicate the young, so re-imburse/re-stitute/re-parate owner's-and/or-organisers for their financial, time and material-and-resource allocation, for their tenure and a parting package, a severence package and offer them a career as a co-owner-co-organiser-and-co-operator) policy-and-programme, by taxes (such as an income tax, wealth tax, corporate (capitalist) tax and inheritance tax) and policy-and-programme "tweaking"-and-stream-lining or just prioritising
    -Have a un-official/in-formal re-production/pro-creation/breeding/mating/sporing policy-and-programme (birth control, coupled with sex education, specifically comprehensive sex education, along-side an un-official/in-formal two-child policy-and-programme, "have kid's young, have them together and breed/raise them as white-collar's or at least match a white-collar parenting style to the prevalent white-collar teaching style)
    -Have a mammalian protectionist policy-and-programme and a bird protectionist policy-and-programme, for "domesticated" member's, with expansive notions on-and-over "wild" member's, recognise-and-acknowledge other mammals as people/persons and recognise-and-acknowledge bird's as people/persons.

    Being philosophically/ideologically/religiously/theologically trapped in the mid-1990s and technologically trapped in the mid-2000s suits-and-serves no one, it's passe thinking/reasoning/rationality/logic of a by-gone era, a pre-digital era, a pre-wireless era and a pre-"touch-or-tap" era, relegating yourself further into the abyss of knowledge, it was hard to gauge in the 1980s, 1990s and for at least the first half of the 2000s or at least most of the 2000s, but that's how rapid hard science, or science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.M) has evolved, especially technology and engineering, continuing to advance at break-neck speed.

    Organised religion, such as and specifically organised christianity and such as and specifically organised islam, organised journalism/press/media (marketised/commercialised/merchant mainstream mass media) and hollyweird appeal to a mainly blue-collar society, including grey-collar's and pink-collar's, but now white-collar's and white-collar gold-collar's out-weigh, at least blue-collar's.

    Technology transforms and ultimately terraforms the economy. We don't need more philosopher-king's (philosopher's/theologians) and mental masturbator's (theologian's/priest's/pastors/preachers/imans), nor do we need more god-emperor's (journalist's) and hedonist narcissist's (hollyweird celebrities/socialites, modern mediaites, sexualites, weirdo beardo's, freakazoid's), we got to continue decentralisation-and-devolution of thought and technology.

    Disease, death and destruction is hard science, as it relates to you, but division, disorder and dysfunction is soft science, as it relates to psychology, society, culture, politics, law and economics, so capitalist's privately-and-personally know and publicly-and-professionally discuss in-and-amongst their own circles how it relates to their business systems, structures and schedules, relations, conditions and standards/expectations, but whilst it's being pioneered top-down, it's being discussed by the bottom-up, it's spiritualism (passe spiritualism) versus materialism (capitalism), it's idealism (passe feudalism) versus realism (current capitalism), so personality royalism and political party loyalism aside, which is just "pure politics", how does one combat this? Andrew yang doesn't support state/government/public-sector-financially-funded college/university, I talked to a scientist, her mind-set/mentality is stuck in the mid-1990s, she also works/labors for welfare, bull-shit spewer's and non-sense dweller's
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