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  1. Does real LSD still exist? this question is asked often. \

    Real LSD was layed on blue gel tabs in 2005 - it lasted until early 2007, ( except for the few individuals im sure saved a chunk for themselves knowing what they have ) --Theres a picture of them on erowid.

    I had the pleasure of consuming two tabs known to contain roughly 120 - 140 mic.

    It was real. You Know if you ever had real LSD, and will know if you do, if you "think you probably did" , you haven't.

    Lavender, Family Fluff, Needle Point, Raw, Amber, Cech 25, <--ALL these names mean is NOT REAL LSD - 25.

    That doesn't mean they are all worthless chemicals, some of them are close to LSD ( although nothing is ever even partially CLOSE to L that isnt the real thing ) Some of them are horrible devil substances that mimic lsd and provide NO spiritually properties IMO. buts thats just me, people who havent had the real thing think they are great, but who can blame them.

    Theres also the synth-mescal generation growing, dying, w/e, point is, research chemicals like 2c-x, DOx ect have been being passed of as acid. this isnt a bad thing,
    2c-i is great, WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR GETTING 2c-i, ect ect. and there in lies the problem with DOB being sold as LSD --( "its not working, lets eat the rest" ) You know what Im talking about. gahh.

    I my life experience, real lsd is made every few years, and that time in between batches has been growing larger for decades. Everytime it IS produced correct, its gone as fact as you can say "Oh my god its real acid" ---

    I read, ( this may not be accurate ) that only 20 % of "acid" manufacturing plans are aimed to make real LSD-25, and 10 % of that 20% succeeds,

    The guy that I owe my life to for giving me these passed away. I havent seen them since, EVERYONE at festivals knows about them, agrees they are the best acid thats even been made, but says quote "We wont ever see those again, but if you got them , you were blessed" -

    Anyone else care to second me on the blues being real?

    Peace and Love- Kiz
  2. so how does this explain blotters? No other chemicals (including 2Cs) are active at the quantity that can fit on that little tab (micrograms). Yes I know there are DOX blotters out there but they're generally about four times the size per hit correct?
  3. y Epitaph x

    y Epitaph x Member

    not true, the DOx blotters are undercover man...same size as a regular blotter.

    i could tell the difference, trips just werent the same.

    i've never heard of 2c's on blotters. or felt as if i've experienced 2c on a blotter.
  4. ad10

    ad10 Member

    There was the survey given to the people who tried some of the sandoz LSD that had been stored away for 50 years or something and hadn't degraded during that time. Most of those people said they could tell no difference to most street LSD and the sandoz LSD they were given. Only difference was the variation of doses on the street tabs.
    I see no reason to suspect that the acid i get are rc's or analogues or what ever. I have had them before and there is a big difference.

    I know there is a lot of shit going around (we just had a lot of crap offloaded around here) but when u know the right people you will also find that there is a lot of fucking amazing LSD being spread around the world.

    I think that the reason most people think LSD isn't LSD anymore is because the people laying the sheets are greedy and just want to make more money from what they have.
  5. phage

    phage Member

    LSD-25 is not some magical LSD that was only synthesized by Albert Hoffman. It was simply his 25th attempt at deriving the synthesis for the LSD molecule.

    LSD is just that LSD. Chemists today make the same exact molecule that was first synthesized by Hoffman. As stated previously the only difference would be the dosage that a user were to take. Many are confused that the LSD has changed when in fact the amount administered is what has changed over the years. It is more economical for one to put less concentration per dose.

    Yes, research chemicals do exist and they can fit on blotters. However, a bitter chemical taste is a strong indication of a research chemical. If one were to be determined to figure out whether or not they had LSD one could order Ehrlich's reagent and test for it that way.
  6. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    ^^^agreed. ive had lsd 3 times. ive also had experience with a handfull of 2c-x and other halucinogens. its really not hard to tell the difference. LSD is a pretty unique feeling. it is still around it just comes and goes, not really a constant thing in my experience. in fact it took me over 3 years to find it after i started doing drugs. LSD is a fantastic psychadelic but sometimes i feel that it has been transformed to mythic proportions.
  7. Wasnt trying to "explain blotters"

    Size is a dead give away for most RC's.
  8. Its not exactly that simple. the only difference is not dosage. at all.
    People arent "confused" LSD has changed. Due to lack of predecessors to produce it, then substitutes are used and then POOF, its not REAL LSD anymore. its pretty simple. Its alot easier to understand when you have the real thing and the BS side by side.

    Certain things are possible with lsd that arent possible with 90 percent of whats being sold as LSD, and only a small portion of that is legitimant RC's.

    Ive had someone try to make this argument before, that "ALL LSD IS REAL LSD, ITS JUST DIFFERENT GRADE OF LSD IN THE CRYSTAL", can a chemist please confirm this doesn't make the least amount of sense? please. its science.

    As for the sandoz vail, those are very privileged few, and I wouldnt doubt theyre still get the real thing somehow. IE these people arent the ones getting whats acually hitting the rave scene and festival scene these days. IMO.
  9. xXzXx

    xXzXx Member

    Just to finally settle this whole idea out, LSD as in the chemical substance Lysergic Acid Diethylamide has always had the same molecular properties since it's first synthetization by Albert H. The confusion in this case is mean't more in the way, that by the black market drug dealing with psychoactive chemicals, that are active in such small amounts and therefore indistinguishable in a medium, such as is blotter without proper equipment, other than your tongue, eye lid, ie. is trying to find an easier way to acquire some means of profit. The precursor chemicals used in the process of creating the substance are alway the same, unless you are already working with a previously established product (lysergic acid) or you are in possession of such materials you have to acumulate them in either recieving them from a special source in pure form or cultivating the ergot fungus and collecting the needed parts piece by piece. After all, the finished LSD is not different in any way. The only possible thing that could be labeled as a change is, that there is always some impurity in the final product as in means of degraded LSD itself or it being diluted.

    Same thing with the impurity applies to crystals as well.

    Do you think, it's that much of a big deal for someone, who possibly even has contacts on at least friends of those, who are making it, to go to a nearest club or a psychedellic festival to get blotters to sample them in comparison to original Sandoz LSD?
  10. Lol...wOW. LISTEN.

    LSD has changed, its not ALL the same.

    "impurity in the final product" <----EXATCTLY< which changes - THE BODY LOAD, THE MENTAL, THE VISION, IE THE TRIP.

    I cant stress how important it is that this is, if one even SMALL substitute, mistake, ect is made, intentionally or not, it changes the outcome of the effect the chemical will give you. THATS why, theres only ONE real LSD,

    it would be easier to understand if you have had it before, and then had the BS. buuutttt everyone loves eating their bullshit broken kelidiscope shit. good luck with that.

    Oh and BTW, it was 600 USD per sheet. I WONDER WHY. ( when other "LSD" is anywhere between 100 - 400 a sheet / vail )
  11. phage

    phage Member

    I'm sorry but you're wrong. Just because the crystal has impurities does not change the effects it has. Whatever impurities are present and eventually get put onto the blotter will not have any significant effects. This is largely due to the fact that the small concentrations of these impurities are not quantified enough to actually have physical manifestation of symptoms.

    Just because a blotter has impurities simply means that more of the blotter its placed on must be dosed in order to feel the effects because these impurities diminish the concentrations of LSD.

    For example if a crystal is 90% pure and you have 1 gram of crystal you will only get 90 micrograms per hit and the same goes for 80% etc etc.

    If you could find a way to determine the exact microgram concentration of your blotter and you took the same amount that you were acustomed to you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a 30% pure crystal and 100% pure. LSD is simply just LSD because if it were different it wouldn't be psychoactive because of its chemical structure which interacts with serotonin receptors. If you will see the different forms of LSD only one form is actually psychoactive despite their remarkable similarities in organic structure one single substituted group changes its effects completely.
  12. introspectre

    introspectre Member

    This thread is bullshit

    Just because you had a great experience on a certain sample of acid doesn't change the fact that LSD is LSD. The molecule is the same, no matter how much of it is actually on your blotter. The only difference between various blotter is amount of LSD.

    Set and setting matter FAR more than dosage in determining how intense/fun/crazy/horrible/spiritual your trip will be
  13. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    I think OP underestimates the amount of good acid that goes around.

    Yes, there are RCs, analogues, and impurities. They are even more common than they were in the 60s (except for ALD-52).

    However, LSD is still around, and it's still pure. Just because some chemists don't make it perfectly and you wind up with 1% precursor chemicals on your blotter doesn't mean anything, because most of those precursors are non-psychoactive and the ones that are are in such small amounts that they are below their active oral threshhold.

  14. zombiewolf

    zombiewolf Senior Member

    I disagree. Set and setting are important, but in my experience, too low of dosage is the main reason for "uncomfortable" trips.
    A person ends up with a sometimes very powerful disorienting effect without ever "breaking through" to the psychedelic experience. Clinical dosage is said to be 250 mics, but from all indications, you're lucky to get 50 per hit these days.
    Combined with all the half truths and bullshit freakout stories, it becomes difficult to convince 1st timers they need to eat five or six hits to get a good trip. (You know, once you reach the psychedelic threshold, the trip does'nt get more intense, it just lasts longer.)
    I know there is good shit out there, but unless you're hooked up with some Rainbow folks or Deadheads who are keeping up the tradition, scoring good acid is a crap shoot.

  15. LOL. Yeeeaah.. ok.

    Explain to me this --

    LAVENDER, RAW, NEEDLE POINT, CZECH 25, FLUFF - ---All of these have different effects that differentiate FAR from dosage, and none of them are real lsd 25.
    So this is ALL set and setting>? lol. Ok.

    Im done arguing whats common knowledge to people who have been around long enough to know.

    Touch quantum physics - Close to L or L,
    Hand runs through a blurry mess , Not L,
    No blurry mess, Completely different, RC

    My two cents but w.e
  16. Hippified_RCer

    Hippified_RCer P.L.U.R.

    so im guessing you've had all of those different named ones then? wel ive never come across anyone trying to sell me "raw" or "needle point" in my life and ive dosed on quite a few different blotter. even had some directly from a chemist. so dont go tellin us that there isnt any real acid around cuz there most cert is, its everywhere man. i know for a fact the stuff i had from that chemist made its way from the east coast here all they way to humboldt county. jus because u might get screwed on acid doesnt meen the rest of us do.
  17. Wasnt saying it wasnt around, just hoping someone had also picked up blue's since they were around for a year, and could second the fact that its the best acid that anyone has ever had. Its been agreed a hundred times over on different forums.

    Thats fucking awsome you get real L, touch the quantum physics, please. interact with your LSD.
  18. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    I've never even heard of those. I don't even know in what context they are named that; is it the pattern on the blotter? The supposed name of the chemical they are? The supposed "Type" of acid they are?

    My point is that I think you forget that the world is BIG, and that just because you can name 5 different types of "acid" that was bunk, doesn't mean that half the people in this forum don't get real acid.

    You're like those people who come on here

    "Yo, I got Blue Lightning last night, don't take it, it's rat poison". They don't tell you where they're from, when they got it, any details. We are just supposed to say "no" to EVERY BLOTTER WE EVER EVER SEE EVER that has blue lightning on it? Lewl.

    Blotter paper is cheap and so is making pills. Same concept. That's why your data does not fit into my system, because my system is very, very seperate and different from your system in both time and space.

    Next time I eat some fake blue gellies i'm gonna PM you and demand an explanation :cool:
  19. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    im not saying nothing.. :leaving:
  20. MrBDNice

    MrBDNice Member

    ill second this... ive done bromo and L. waaayyy dif and i dont think silver or amber crystal will have much diferent effects its still the same chem either way... and i dout if there are other chems like acid that would last the same amount of time like lsd...

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