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    around 14 years back when we were in delhi..... my mom had recently got acquainted with a widow about her age say around 47 years, ... lets call her mrs x... mrs x was a fair , pleasantly plump lady around 5'2 in height, she would always be dressed in sarees with some display of navel! .....i have always been quite obsessed with the breasts of women! , but with this seemed to be saggy as it should have been at her age! mom used to drop her at office in our car and this lady used to come every morning to our house.... one fine day while my mom was dressing to get ready, mrs x was in the living room talking to my dad.... suddenly i saw her get up shake her body and drop her pallu displaying a generous amount of cleavage to my dad!.. she did not immediately panic and put her pallu back, instead she slowly adjusted her saree... i must admire her guts, if my mom had appeared at that time, surely a catfight would have ensued! dad already a hypertensive would haave definitely had his bp shoot up.... shortly my mom got transferred and mrs x 's visits became more frequent... she used to come on the pretext of giving me entrance exam guides( used by her son, who was now in the armY), but used to generall y come empty handed!... before my mom left, mrs x had very helpfully offered my mom...." your husband and kids are free to come to my home and make calls( as there was no STD at our house) dad used to go frequently!.. slowly i accompanied my dad!... in my presence dad and mrs x were usually quite but they used to keep staring at each other!.... slowly my dad used to walk with her to the market on occasions ,he used to tell me" oh, what a lonely life she is leading?", ' mrs x told me that woman is a nasty type'....and so day one while my dad was washing the car, she arrived and told me" mone(in malayalam it means child) where is daddY"... he was washing the car.. it happened that he was wearing a lungi without underwear and this was clearly visible to her!... i was so sexually turned on by what followed...for the first time i saw a lady staring at a man's penis and talking without any fear or shame from either party!... her mouth was drooling with saliva!..i must state her that my pop was 58 at that time and looked much younger!... i also realised that my father was stocking up aphrodisiacs like shilajit!... one day my mom, came taking a break from her work and asked me where is dad?..... i said "he is talking to mrs x".. she said " hopefully he has not gone away with her?!!!"... i was stunned by the response ,,,, she was away for long periods, but did her sixth sense sense something was afoot?!.... anyway within another 6 months our family left delhi... till today i wonder whether my pop and mrs x were having sex in my mom's absence?.... so vote on the poll!

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