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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by Earthy Mama, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. Earthy Mama

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    UPDATE: NEW #1 NO SPAM! You will be banned for spamming this forum or our members. Please read the forum guidelines if you are new to the Hipfourms.

    #2: The stickys are placed to keep things organized and for you to beable to easily find answers you may need. Feel free to post your own posts but keep in mind the answers you may need are under a sticky waiting for you! :)
    #3: Everyone is welcome. There is no rule here saying you have to have dreads to post here. Just a interest is good enough for us.
    #4: Please do not fight here! Please do not judge anyone!

    Thanks for reading the rules guys!
    Happy Posting. :)
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    #5: One thing about connecting together as a community on-line is that, communication can be turned and manipulated so easy. Simply from not even having much tone or expressions to work with. None the less- we have to be conscious that other people are not thinking on the same page as you are.. which is important for us to recognize, and intern use communication in where each individual feels equal and satisfied.
    We are here to learn and help us guide each other from our differences.
    In this forum I would like us to all be conscious that everyone helps us on your personal growth and learning….. and to embrace others opinions.

    Now in saying this.. it is important to give forth your opinion so it can he herd and recognized for its self. Its also important to be able to freely ask the questions one desires to ask with out a hassle.

    So can I ask all of you…..that when u feel you need to voice something out, write it where you get to say what you want to say but don’t offend other’s..

    I have seen this a few times now.. and for example the bleaching success story thread: The questions and responses that are present are very appropriate in context, but obviously some there was conflict and defenses generated from miss communication... which could have been avoided.
    And Mamma in saying this.. I fully and utterly agree with your no drama on the forums.. but.. that’s basically what I’m trying to say right now..
    but when reading your last post automatically makes me thing it will trigger peoples "defensive side".. even me writing this triggers peoples defense...
    I just wanted people to understand where im coming from…

    So let all know we love each other and all support each other and just approach something’s more consciously.

    Thank you for letting me grunt and grown.. I LOVE YOU ALL... have fun
    This community is growing every week!

    BE WELL!!!!

    Electric Buddha
  3. HippieAdrien

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    yeah. what Buddha said.

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