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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by Meretrix, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Meretrix

    Meretrix Member

    Alright well first of all I've seen binary shadows's posts recently about computer security and underground forums, which have led me to come up with a fairly simple and completely do-able idea for a website.

    My idea is for a web site to be similar to UD (can only search; no browsing database, registration only via invitation), but not only be for vendors (Which not only would I like for them to be commentable for also for a rating system to be implemented) but also for different chemicals (Show doses, duration, effects, along with experience reports and average prices which would be editable in a wiki format with all users moderating it). Of course I would want all of this to be using HTTPS and I would also like to look at implementing PGP or GPG encryption.

    Any feedback?
  2. ptsmagic

    ptsmagic Member

    A more robost UD would be nice! Rating system, still secure but with fewer captchas (thanks to session cookies), threading the comments would be nice too.

    I don't think the model would work well for chemical information though, and the wiki idea is interesting, but it seems like people would just debate dosages for a long time. Also, I don't really see how PGP really has much use in this context.
  3. Meretrix

    Meretrix Member

    I meant the encryption mainly for the vendor information, and maybe just also have all the information on the chemicals in a browse-able database. And as for a wiki I meant have forms that the people could edit perhaps with a moderator making sure the information is accurate and people aren't arguing over doses. Also I'd like to see each chemical being able to have comments for it in which people could post their own short description of the chemical, along with separate pages for experience reports.
  4. Tanman35

    Tanman35 Member

    yea it sounds like a great idea. but with already a good amount of info out there it may be easier to find links to effects dosages and trip reports while also having a comment section to allow discussions for views that may differ
  5. binary shadow

    binary shadow Visitor

    I think it is a great idea personally. A while ago some people were working on an everything2 style engine as a sort of alternative erowid, wasn't going to have sources on it though. The programming got half finished but no one ever launched it. Erowid and wikipedia have a lot of information between them, but IMHO erowid is way behind the times. They don't have vaults for half the shit on the market these days. And wikipedia tends to not be very informative about the less technical aspect of drugs.

    I think it is a really good idea, if you need any help or advice let me know =).

    The best way to have it is so that anyone can write anything they want and submit it, and no one can edit their writings besides them. There should be a comment section below each article though where other people can comment on the articles posted, and also give the articles a score. People should need to leave a sentence or so explaining the score they left, for example pointing out any technical mistakes in the article. That way the person who wrote the article can come back and edit the mistakes out and fix it up, and then people can give them a higher score. But some random person can't edit their article, they would need to write their own or leave a comment on the first persons saying they made a mistake. Votes can be done for accuracy, writing skill, picture quality, informativeness, whatever. The higher the rating the further up on the list the article goes, if the rating is too low by too many people the article deletes itself. If it is rated high enough by enough people it could be stickied on the top.

    People could browse the list by keywords, with highest rated results on display first.

    The vendor structure could be similar to undrugged, but encrypted.

    People could submit articles that are not best on forums per-se, like detailed tutorials on computer security, how to search for vendors. Also could post trip reports, studies on drugs etc.

    Each drug could have an effects vault where people list the effects the drug gives them, and after X people list an effect it could show up on the list. To protect against malicious users it could for one be an invite system with fairly easy to get invites like undrugged, and also could have people vote against an effect for a drug if they find it highly unlikely. One vote per account.

    People could also submit pictures of their drugs if they wanted and have them voted on.

    If you hosted in Panama or Sweden or some place that doesn't respect copyright laws you could even have scientific PDFs uploaded on chems. I know one place tried to host a ton of PDFs on psychedelics and got told to stop because they didn't own the copyrights, but they were hosted in USA. On an anonymous server it wouldn't matter too much, especially in Sweden and Panama.

    There is tons of stuff that could be done that would be very beneficial for the drug community.
  6. Meretrix

    Meretrix Member

    Very good idea... Never thought about something like that, the only things that I would have it be different is that I'd only put the highest rated on the main page of whatever chemical it is and have the rest be linked to from that page. Also I think the pages should use pre-designated forms (I think I listed some ideas before that go from Dose, Duration, etc.) so all chemical pages have the same information and add a larger text area for the description of the chemical in which in person can describe it differently.

    Do you mean search keywords or have a list that is browse-able by users?

    Good idea but how would these be accessed?

    Another good idea, sounds easy enough to implement also.

    How about a gallery for each chemical with the highest voted being the one shown on the main page of each chemical?

    I can't find any servers in Sweden or Panama that are reasonable to host. I think it wouldn't be the hardest to keep on US servers if all content is kept hidden to guests and the server isn't super conservative.

    EDIT: I looked briefly and found a US host that might be good: BlueHost. They say in their FAQ that they won't take down any site or content without a court order, and if all content is kept private then I don't see that happening.
  7. binary shadow

    binary shadow Visitor

    If you want it to have a vendor section it wont be good to host in USA. I am pretty much positive if undrugged was hosted in USA it would have been either taken over by LE or seized and shut down, especailly since the ryan haight act passed a few months ago making sharing source contact info online illegal.

    I wouldn't even host it in USA with out sources on it though. Panama, Malaysia are the two best places to host things that require privacy. Panama law states that private companies in Panama can not cooperate with LE outside of Panama, and can only be forced to reveal information to Panama LE if a court orders them to, and their courts are very conservative when it comes to privacy, it takes a damn good reason to get Panama to cooperate.

    US is also bad for this if it violates copyright law hosting PDFs on psychedelics that you don't own the copyright for, which I think it should personally. Panama wont give a shit, I think Sweden would also be good for that since they let pirate bay host there, but I doubt Sweden would take kindly to undrugged style website either, they run frequent television ads there warning people not to buy illegal drugs online.

    I was thinking searchable by keywords, with the results of a keyword returning a list of subjects, with the highest rated subjects appearing top on the list. Your idea would work well also though.
  8. Meretrix

    Meretrix Member

    Do you know of any good offshore hosting sites?
  9. binary shadow

    binary shadow Visitor

    Search for Anonymous Offshore Ecurrency Web Hosting and you will find better ones. You are going to want to pay for the server with Ecurrency and use fake information if it is a vendor database too. That way you can't be traced to it. Many places in panama advertise they let you bullshit info, and let you pay with ecurrency with no paper trail. Keep in mind that there is a distinction between using a company that you pay to keep your information private (not safe) and using a company where they really get absolutely none of your info (safe).

    Also I would always use Tor to work on the site lest your IP get logged as an administrative IP.

    If you drop the vendor database part you probably don't need to do all that though and just any host in panama will be fine.
  10. Meretrix

    Meretrix Member

    Didn't even think about ecurrency. Do you think it would be that necessary though? The way I planned the site even the administrator wouldn't be able to see all vendors to keep everything private. Reported posts on a vendor page would just display the post, so even then it wouldn't show a lot.

    Also the host I mentioned before in Panama accepts eCurrency and they seem like they would also be quite good since they don't meter bandwidth would be quite high I'm guessing especially if PDF's and such are going to be hosted and transferred on it.
  11. jaredfelix

    jaredfelix Namaste ॐ

    sounds very complicated, but a good idea .
  12. Meretrix

    Meretrix Member

    ^^ Thank you.

    And with learning all this about the security, a site like this wouldn't be impossible... The only question is would people actually use it? It would need a large membership foundation to be anywhere near as useful as UD (By the way I cannot trust them almost at all now since they're new registration)
  13. rb10101

    rb10101 Member

    I would enforce strict submission guidelines to provide some cohesion between "technical" information and user input. Of course technical information is subjective at this early stage but if we are to approach this as intelligent people, organization would be required. I would also like to see this information align with harm-reduction efforts. I become very upset at the notion of inexperienced psychonauts leveraging our experiences to find their next high. With that in mind, I would recommend one particular Panamanian host that accepts Pecunix. Think "Global Kitty"... just do not think it wise to advertise the link. </2¢>
  14. bmw5233

    bmw5233 Member

    I agree with regards to the open registration at UD. No telling anymore who is legit and who is a scam, except for the old trusted sources. I would bet that any sources that have popped up since the open registration are more than likely scams.
  15. ptsmagic

    ptsmagic Member

    Anyone know why the admin decided to make it public?? seemed like there were plenty of people on it already.
  16. binary shadow

    binary shadow Visitor

    they felt they couldn't offer anything to the scene with out open registration, since there are now big huge ass forums with thousands of members on them and they want to slow the growth of thoe giant open databases by making their closed database more accessible.
  17. Meretrix

    Meretrix Member

    I agree which is why I wanted to use set input fields to put for each chemical. For this to actually work it would need to have great organization and extremely strict security. And what exactly do you mean by 'harm-reduction efforts'? I would not want any false information on it, and I thought that would cover almost everything 'harmful'. And as far as the host you are referring to, I found them before, and the only problem I have with them is their value. They have quite high prices that come with very little storage and extremely low bandwidth. I found another host in Panama that I have read good reviews about with much better deals, the only downside is that they do not offer domain registration, but the web site you refer to does along with a few others.

    All they did was lost their reputation. UD is no longer trustworthy since anyone is open to go, that was the one thing they had going for them.
  18. binary shadow

    binary shadow Visitor

    katz is kind of a sketchy host too for drug database stuff, they say right in their TOS no overseas pharmacies are allowed, where as most anonymous hosts in panama welcome pharms with open arms.
  19. Meretrix

    Meretrix Member

    What about Spirit?
  20. binary shadow

    binary shadow Visitor

    Don't know them. Just look for a place that

    1. Takes ecurrency

    2. Advertises themselves as "anonymous"

    3. Is based in Panama

    4. Either mentions they DO allow over seas pharmacies, or don't specifically say they don't.

    and you will be golden. Some of the anonymous ones still ask for your info, I would just throw in some made up shit personally. A few of the anonymous hosts don't ask for any info at all though.

    Just do some research you can find a good place.

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