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  1. :confused:
    He sat on the plane,
    whisteling the time away,
    and tapping his foot to
    the beat of the silence.
    His crystal gaze, locked
    on the floor, he couldnt
    meet their eyes,
    the fuckin' traitors.

    He stood in the middle,
    of the yard, on the ice.
    They circled him, and pointed.
    The biggest of them all
    He dared to ask him,
    'Say something!'
    His tongue tied up in knots,
    'Like what?

    The time he told Larry
    he thought it would be okay,
    cause Larry was a mate y'see?
    Hmm again wrong.
    The rosary beeds come out
    and he cringes, he wants
    to stick up for himself,
    but he doesnt want to die.

    But even now, why cant he
    defend himself, hes a man
    and theyre tall sure, but
    not as big as him!
    Well thank god Christopher
    gave them a kick up the arse!
    They listened to him then,
    as he chalked the blackboard.

    So what did I achieve?
    Why do i even need to explain
    myself to a bunch of 30 girls,
    who only know me as ray, the tall one?
    Well you see, I thought it might...
    you know, help to clear my
    mind, I heard it helps alot,
    er...um...maybe not.
  2. Lozi

    Lozi Senior Member

    wow. profound. beautiful. and sad too.

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