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    I was wondering if there are any raw food eaters around. I have been looking into eating an all raw diet, but wondered if it is hard to do, if I should transition to 100% raw food gradually or just all at once? I am currently not a vegetarian, although I eat very little meat and lots of cooked vegitarian dishes.
  2. Crystaleyez

    Crystaleyez Member

    hahahaha you're not a veggie and you're thinking of going raw...hahahahaha.....o um pardon me. I don't think raw meat is very good for you, except for maybe sushi.
  3. Going raw is hard. I try & incorporate it when I can. I've read it's better to do as much as you can & build up later. Unfortunately,it can be expensive due to organics & its trendiness. If you are going to eat raw, eat sushi/sahimi too. I love sushi! Raw homemade nut butters are excellent also. Look into macrobiotic cooking also, that's pretty much raw & goes into the energy in the food. There are also some great raw cookbooks out there. I have one titled "RAW". The food in there looks like art.
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    What is the deal with just eating raw stuff? Hows is this better for you, or is it even?
  5. Crystaleyez

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    Uncooked veggies have more vitamins than cooked ones, same with fruit. You can't really eat raw grains....or meat cept fish. Cooked food digests fatser tho...
  6. PhotoGra1

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    ...some nutrients are only released in cooked food, though, such as lycopene. It has proven true time and time again that the best diet is a well balanced one...
  7. Crystaleyez

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    My understanding is that all vegetables, except for the starchy ones like potatoes and mature corn are better eaten raw. that L-word that you mentioned, what foods does it show up in when they are cooked and what is it and how is it good for you.
  8. PhotoGra1

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    Tomatoes are very rich in lycopene, but for some reason it is more available to the body when it is cooked. It is very good for men, for prostate health. It is in much higher concentrations in cooked tomato sauce rather than raw tomato. It is also in watermelon.

    For the most part, I think you are right. Raw veggies typically provide more nutrients. I think the best strategy, with EVERYTHING, is moderation, variety, and balance...

    (and I am NOT a good example!)
  9. Crystaleyez

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    Thats weird. health info is always sooo conflicting. Fit For life, this book, says never to eat cooked tomatoes cause they turn everything in your stomach to acid.

    Yep, moderation variety and balance is hwere its at. :)
  10. nimh

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    ...i have that book (fit for life, and the sequel living health) sitting on my shelf...imho, there's some good info in there, but it's pretty outdated now, and it only looks at a very narrow section of what's available in nutritional research. i've read in a few places that it's always a good idea to research an idea from 3 distinct sources before you believe it to be true.

    re raw meats: back in the day (think paleo hunter-gatherer), organ meats were generally eaten raw shortly after the kill. i've been including rare organic range liver in my diet lately. i'm not ready for raw meat yet!

    and re raw grains: essene breads are pretty raw. the grains are sprouted, and then formed into cakes and more or less dehydrated. it seems like a lot of work to go thru for eating a grain though, so i opt out of that!

    and some of the veggies that are traditionally cooked can be lacto-fermented to make them easier to digest.

    i follow orthomolecular and nourishing traditions styles of thinking about nutrition mostly, and i have to agree that some foods do need to be cooked, and balance is key. most people eat so many dead foods, it's refreshing to introduce some live foods into the routine. you might like this page: http://www.geocities.com/newlibertyvillage/earthstar/starburst.htm
  11. Crystaleyez

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    Sprouted grain bread is where its at. Sprouts in general are where its at. Everybody should sprout things, its so easy. Hahahaha I didn't even think of that.

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