Raw Pizza Crust Recipe?

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by pattymary, Nov 10, 2016.

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    Nowadays, there are some raw food restaurants proposing raw pizza, raw burgers, etc..They are calling that;sun-cooked food..I tasted the raw burger, this is nice, this is like two pieces of bread with raw vegetables in the middle..What I am calling bread is a kind of pancake made out of some "nuts", I investigated this pancake, I think they are making a powder with almonds and other types of nuts, and binding them to make a pancake..
    Does anybody have any recipe for this?
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    do a Google search for how to make Cauliflower Pizza crust. I know someone who makes it and they like it, but you should look into it and see which recipe you may like best.
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    Check this out for ideas.


    I know stateside, dehydration at 160f or so is common.

    On tour, I met a woman making spirals of soaked, ground wheat berries which she would dry for mini pizza crusts.
    She used a wheatgrass grinder.

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