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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by WeeDMaN, May 19, 2004.

  1. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    "wait a minute, Old James wasnt there, I dont know anyone named old james..."
  2. ericf

    ericf Member

    Obvisouly a Half Baked reference. Good movie...
  3. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    The first time i watched Half Baked, it was in my "weed is EVIL" phase...I had this crazy misconception prolly because of D.A.R.E that weed could kill u and stuff. I thought that my friends watching that movie would start smoking weed, much like people started drag racing because of "Fast and Furious".

    I started to smoke weed, and now i want it legalized, and im hoping people are trying as hard as i am!

  4. Cosmo4

    Cosmo4 Member

    That's such a good movie..my favorite was Chappelle.. he's funny as hell. My favorite part was when he got the 1 pound of weed..and he was signing for it, humping the desk. Hahaha that was great [​IMG]
  5. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    I could watch it if this Speed addict I knew didnt take it saying he could get a large amount of weed for it, but actually traded it in for speed. Wut a fag Now Im pissed at him again.
  6. He got you good

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