Random poem (here under the orders of Tymar)

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  1. Penned quickly one boring morning. I'm probably abut 82% happy with it.

    There once lived a boy who had the blues
    Spent his whole life staring at his shoes
    If he thought he’d find the answers there
    Or if he actually didn’t care
    One always had to wonder, though
    they knew they’d never really know
    For silence is easy to maintain
    When seventeen years have made it plain
    And hands soon learn how not to shake
    And voices learn how not to break
    When strike meets chest so pale and thin
    It all gets locked up deep within
    And shards of glass, that embed your face
    Should be no cause for great disgrace
    But nobody would dare to suggest
    Any other reason for any unrest
    The fault of the victim, the perfect excuse
    To cut your losses, deny the truth
    For his mind never was in the right place
    And that’s enough to relinquish chase
    So why did it not come as a surprise
    When they learned of one poor soul’s demise
    For she found him there, so white and cold
    And stories of sin are always retold
    But blame the chemicals, blame the insane
    The wrongs of the others escaping the pain
    And even when those eyes did reopen
    Were comforting words by father spoken?
    It wouldn’t take a great mind to guess,
    And yet the poor girl saw such distress
    Not one to let her thoughts go unnamed
    She left the father, old and ashamed
    And tears for lost souls did there slide
    Down cheeks that otherwise grief denied
    But the lost voice raised, ‘Please do not cry
    I was never really going to die
    I knew it wasn’t my time yet
    Although it is a risky bet
    To make when stakes are so severe
    But I know that my sense of fear
    Was beaten out by merciless fists
    I just wanted to see if I’d be missed’
    The girl could only shake her head
    ‘If you had died,’ she quietly said
    ‘Do you not think it might have hurt
    For those left behind to shovel the dirt.’
    Eyes closed once again, but different now
    For something he had forgotten how
    To feel at once came rushing through
    Anguish renewed veins so blue
    But resolution never was reached,
    For the misery did conscience impeach
    The love, though brief, left deeper scars,
    Even if they were the stars
    They once had gazed at, wished to be
    And happy together for infinity
    Seemed like such a given, a gifted right
    They saw no tunnel, only light
    So when her time came to leave it be
    The walls crashed down too hard on he,
    And once again they found him there
    Drying blood in the dark, matted hair
    And eyes as blank as when alive
    No second chance, no hope to survive
    He knew as well as the time before
    The fate for him that lay in store
    Burned without name, burned without love
    No hope to be welcomed into arms above
    For the words that rendered him so devoid
    Came to be truth for what was destroyed
    And did one single soul shed a tear
    Perhaps, but it wouldn’t do any good here.
    The end came quickly, but the time was right.
    Flown through the gates, freed into the night.
    Find peace where you are, for your journey stops here.
    In life you were clouded, in death you are clear.
  2. Tymar

    Tymar Member

    Told you. Oh, ye of such effortless grace. Right on!
  3. HushBull

    HushBull Insuperior

    I like it. :)
  4. *Heather*

    *Heather* Member

    thats wonderful dear, i love teh journey it takes you on, keep it up love
  5. Tymar

    Tymar Member

    Is this completely fiction?
  6. It's about half and half.

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