Rainbow Road?

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by dazeddaisy, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. dazeddaisy

    dazeddaisy Member

    So I've never been (unfortunately) to a rainbow gathering, I plan on going in July.. I've been very interested in the family since about May, and I'm curious about a term I've heard "Rainbow Road". I watched a video called 'Rainbowland' and they mentioned Rainbow Road a few times. From what I gathered, it's where people travel from gathering to gathering all over America (and eventually get to the annual gathering).... First, is this an actual thing? Are they're people that actually do this?, Travel together from gathering to gathering? If so I would LOVE to do that. AND second, if this actual happens.. does anyone have an experience on the "rainbow road" Living in buses.. hitchhiking and what not with Rainbows going to gathering to gathering?
  2. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    Are you ready to support yourself by panhandling?
  3. dazeddaisy

    dazeddaisy Member

    yes and no.. i just know i can't spend all my life in babylon forever! :)
  4. tikoo

    tikoo Senior Member

    the rainbow trail is a bless-ed road . it is to be discovered , if you do , we'll just have to see what you will become .

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