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    ok this is THE pasta dressing, unless u r vegan, and one of the most loved Italian ways to eat fettuccine (egg pasta)

    in a small-medium pot place some extravergine (the best you can buy) olive oil (a few spoons to cover the bottom) and one coarsely minced onion, you also may add one minced carrot, celery, and garlic.
    fry the onion and the rest until it turns soft (not much, matter of minutes)
    then add 350 g of freshly minced beef and/or pork (have a good piece of low fat pork and/or beef meat and mince it at home, dont trust the butcher, he puts tendons, fat, skin, hair, hooves, cancer, alien authopsy leftovers, depleted uranium , kryptonite and all kinds of garbage in minced meat :eek:) in proportions according to your taste. also some fresh sausage meat tastes wonderful. no skin of course. let it to cook until everything dries up fairly, low fire, stirring up the whole thoroughly to avoid burning it up and from sticking to the pot bottom
    then add one glass or wine (red for harder flavor, or white) , one cube of meat extract (how do you call those cubes), pepper.
    allow the wine to evaporate completely, stirring up
    then add one whole can of peeled tomatoes of about 250 g (400 with the liquid) and if you like, minced chili peppers.
    again allow to dry at low flame for 20 minutes, covered, stirring from time to time.
    if the meat is not very fat you may also want to add a little butter to prevent the sauce from getting too dry.
    when the sauce is dried at the right point (very little liquid left) the Ragù sauce is ready to dress four dishes of pasta. Egg pasta like fettuccine is more tasty. plus it cooks half the time, about 3-5 mins.
    the same sauce is involved in stuffing lasagne and cannelloni.
    good lunch

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