Race/Colour/Tone/Genetics/Haplogroup, (Mainstream) Culture And Collar/Class

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    (Right-wing/rightist) conservatives use race/colour/tone/genetics/haplogroups to define both (mainstream) culture, which is social-cultural/socio-cultural and collar/class, though simultaneously disregarding both (mainstream) culture, which is social-cultural/socio-cultural and collar/class, which is social-economic/socio-economic, performing/"pulling" the greatest slight of "pro-verbial" hand ever to grace the public-and-professional political-legal-economic "stage-and-screen", whilst (centrist) liberals disregard, in modern times, race/colour/tone/genetics/haplogroups, but purely define (mainstream) culture, which is social-cultural/socio-cultural, though de-emphasis/"down-playing" collar/class, which is social-economic/socio-economic, whilst (left-wing/leftist marxist/marxian) socialists disregard, in modern times, race/colour/tone/genetics/haplogroups, de-emphasis/"down-playing" (mainstream) culture, but in the here-and-now/day-and-age/space-and-time, purely define collar/class, which is social-economic/socio-economic, "it's all entertainment, entertainment, that's all it is" carlin eloquently articulated in one of his performances, unfortunately stupid people/persons are both the performers (actor's, screen-writer's/screen-typers, producers, directors) and the spectator's/audience member's, everyone perform's/plays a respective role (s)-and-responsibilities.

    Which is why liberalism and libertarianism is left of conservatism, but right of (marxist/marxian) socialism, the hall-marks (trimmings-and-trappings) come back to the tellings, teachings and trainings, you are a "product" of your environment, yet a "by-product" of someone else's thinking/reasoning/rationalising/logic, even as the relations, conditions and standards/expectations or the systems, structures and schedules shift, then they abruptly shunt-and-shaft, callously if you aren't "primp-and-proper", it's not "1, 2 and 3" or "a, b and c", so identity politics is important to those who disseminate both misinformation and disinformation to the un-couthed and un-washed masses, organised religion, such as and specifically organised christianity and such as and specifically organised islam, marketed/commercialised/merchant-owned-and-organised mainstream mass media and hollyweird (socialites/celebrities, modern mediaites, sexualites, weirdo beardos and kinksters), to educate-and-inform, to inform-and-educate and to entertain-and-emulate, respectively
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