Rabbi Proves existence of Benevolent magic, Heals from Holocaust,Meets Friendly Elves

Discussion in 'Judaism' started by Rabbi Linole, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. Rabbi Linole

    Rabbi Linole Banned

    cooking with witchcraft codes to make it sexual when someone who doesnt want to be involved in the sexuality is there, and doing it in really obvious ways, trying to

    make that person being a part of it unavoidable. this is illegal and this is enforced by magical law enforcement. African parents making a setting more racist seeming

    than it needs to be in their own home, when it could already be questionable outside. is not healthy, and it is illegal. no ones working on a plantation. they want it

    to be about good and evil. but evil and black and good and white are not synonymous. thats the first thing the mystic path teaches us. thats what the story of the

    holocaust is about. it has to be kind of chaotic, we have to realize, everyone has wronged everyone else. no one is good all the time, but we all have good moments.
    this should never be about specific peoples egos. writing it on a peice of paper, and burying it, before passivity rose too high.
    dissolving the egoes, before it became transfixed because it was truly never one person but a spirit that we all know and travels in us all. i didn't try to stop it

    directly, because they kept saying it wasnt happening. instead i buried paper, that said, let the grass grow, and 'let recycling be just a kind act for the earth, i am

    not a transporter of spirits between incarnations, i am an environmentalist', 'bless the forest beaches and the river', 'help my friends and family to grow be safe and

    healthy'. baldurs gate, tales of the sword coast played out.
    just make me dark, don't make me evil. i was near a ranger place. these could be elves. talking about drizzt dourden. they could be chaotic good elves. who bring the

    world of faerun and this world. it linked up with all other mythology, native american, germanic, celtic, and african. the holocaust took us beyond the context of lame

    racism, and the elves took us beyond the context of the holocaust. The elves were peaceful though, they allowed us to return to Germany without being hung up on its

    past, and exist in the hippie realm. the Elves are rainbow, and of every color, they are part of every heritage. elves have a certain way of seeing. we were elves who

    traditionally were part of a certain place on the tree of life, but really we were part of all of it. theres basically no hope, but then, you realize what was

    described as one person, was actually like a large group of people, and thats why its a ranger, because it seems small, but its like, not effecting the environment in

    a huge way. But its many as one. but really once you actually start to realize this kind of stuff is real, you a lucid enough to switch between any color or race, in

    whatever way you want. thats what prevents it from becoming really a battle, or really a fight, its a world that exists and adventure happens there, but because people

    don't take it as seriously, no one really gets hurt.
    thank you elven community. for taking me beyond the movie set reality performance, into the dream of life.
    the divisions end and people join up in crazy ways like ff7 or pokemon, or anything like that, because all people all beings are kinds of fairies.
    but no one is caught or put into a ball. if they are, this is seen as wrong. we go through the world and we try to free beings, not by converting them to think the

    same way as us, but by accepting quests which they might offer to help them and cause more good in the world. we had to abandon heritage in a sense to live as heroes.
    but wise heroes. who realized there are heroes all around. this is the true meaning of everquest, the heroes need to be active, doing good things, but not stupid

    things, to gradually uplift the entire world.
    at the sephiroth of tifaerith, the unwanted sexual references were destroyed, and so was the compulsive battle mode. Elf mode was distinctively awakened. Elves as a

    specific form of fairies. elves awaken the rainbow from the gold, symbolized by the Earth Elves, being pushed into the leprachauns pot, for sex that they do not want.

    designed to turn them into money. the holocaust.
    with the help of all the elves, they are freed from just having one definite incarnation. but awakened to the world of the lucid hero, who only plays life as a

    roleplaying game, but is a moral and good person, the awakened spirit.
    this is the true story of the awakened human race, and the meaning of the shamanic evolution, which shifted so many of our places in the earth
    we are slowly forming into these spirit tribes, having realized all peoples/species are one, and all lore transforms into the lore of every other kind, and connected

    to form a huge tapestry. we are not a military people, when you lose the uniforms, and the over official titles, and the seriousness of it all. this is the true

    african spirituality, thats not a part of the world of politics because that world is only an act. the world is not a military place like that. we can now travel and

    learn true knowledge, without people acting like its some huge secret, you just have to be able to use the passcodes. you have to realize to some extent you are the

    creator, but also you have to work in harmony with your creation, not as someone with absolute control, and this is the whole process of judaism, which is the same as

    the process of taoism.
    i transformed into so many beings, and lived in so many versions of my life, in my practice of kabbalah, and people around me also did. we have now recieved this

    knowledge, and we restore the heavenly influx to the planet. its like healing an old river. restoring magical materia into the earth, by just sending energy and prayer

    over a long period of time. i awaken in a truly lucid place, bound by nothing. i defended myself from terrible sex
    with the written word, which imbued by the divine spirit became lsd, well an indefinite materia of a trippy substance that magically changed
    and could turn with the elements. and through it i was united back to people i truly loved. and we could exist as individuals, but it was also egoless.
    the teachings of the people who play the fantasy roleplay rang out through the world, and battles stopped, and cheat codes were activated universally.
    it acted like a fairy tale, but no it really was reality.

    i was a Rabbi, one of the people who passed through the whole mystic mystery, or at least a level of it. and i saw beyond the genetic seperation and beyond genetics. i

    saw that it was all guided psychically by spirit not physically. it was the awakening of knowledge, da'ath, the vishuddhi chakra...
    the realm of water spoke so deeply, it showed the solid world as ice, everything will become water, then air, but as easily it goes back the other way...
    the genetic conceptualization broke away from the tree of life, broke away from cannabis, broke away from judaism, broke away from me. the tao restored. even the bugs

    at my window, were peaceful and everyone seemed to understand psychically.

    in doing that, we recieved the answer we were looking for. in doing that, we were able to escape the falseness of the matrix without it even being seen as rebellious,

    it was just normal, to come and go freely from the real, israel. and to live in mystic reality. as mature spirits. just by overcoming genetics, which is the idea that

    the physical rules the spiritual. this is a part of the ancient spell of God that created the universe.
    we are the ice and eventually we trickle out, nothing can stop us, we are the elements. we are not always rigid, not even the earth is.

    these people who can transform into anything, they are the ancients, the dryads, they are all of us. they are the avalanch of final fantasy seven, but it doesnt

    happen, to harm anyone, we dont harm. the explosions are described that way, but its just a metaphor for awakening parts of ourselves to the reality, the super saiyan

    of peace, we can all attain this. those can all be explosions of loving kindess not of violence. How? meditate into the Ness of the fractal...


    mike watt and d boon were there, indie rock, is here, it was all a crazy song,

    the fractal was there, we meditated into it, we transmuted it into good things,
    on the edge of those reactors, that were destroyed. because none of it was really real. it was just meditations on energy
    we just caused the physical world to change around us, through chi. we surfed and lived in the mystery of the marijuana.
    and we protected the earth. erasmus was there, and told jokes. amazing good deeds occured. this was not the childrens version, it was the adult version. that talked

    about the kabbalah.

    we were like guardians of the psyche of the world. but a lot of people and all kinds of beings were, and yet no one was. it could never really be numbered, but good

    would always overcome.

    this is the way the jungian works, of course you are not the true guardian the Sophian is. The Sophian is endless. The Sophian is protected from the matrix, but can

    appear there.

    you are protected from all the traps.
    cannabis overload, too many possibilities at once, the computer freaks out. satori.

    why is the conflict happening? is it really happening? its happening less, it was just a way to inspire good deeds around the world, and promote the teachings of the

    philosophers to spread to every area, joining with not destroying others knowledge and lore.

    you look strange, you look kind of like a friend. sages appearing endlessly, and offering tao. the forest delivers a teaching, unto the fairy inhabitants of this town.

    bolivar/harpers ferry. where a marylander, with a gift of prophecy and her coven were suddenly whisked away too, by the tree of life. after becoming aware of the

    shamanic virtues of the place. the greek native american hebrew african wanti irish belgian mexican winkte chinese german tao woman practiced judaism and harmlessness,

    and was sent on a crazy quest through the heritage, visited by many jewish sages of all heritages, in anonymous forms, to learn the teachings of jewish yoga.

    she was able to learn, in a similar way to the maiden of ludmir, and send forth emanations into the world. through proper permutations, and be restored to the ancient

    field of kabbalists, who exist, but can be blocked from the world.

    there was a strong element of protection by celestial forces.

    she was "a respectful young hippie who spoke out against the use of the 'n' word by the african community (all peoples) and raised consciousness."
    "she proved the existence of a magical realm, and restored jewish magic, and was not put to death by HASHEM because the magic was not exploitative"


    Levite gypsies helped her, through a process of healing by sunshine, in a specific not a general way.

    A jewish environmentalist, putting some kosher/vegetarian wisdom and THC back into the cookbooks, and taking the sexuality out of non sexual situations in a platonic manner, one broken carrot at a time - Rabbi Cattle

    the rabbi thanking the hawaiians for their help, holding the metapentagram
  2. Rabbi Linole

    Rabbi Linole Banned

    the hippie who became the orange knew energy was infinite like me, and broke free from the system, through tao
    the orange was enlightenment itself, the orange is the sanctification, the spirit of the orange.
    an old friend. orange juice. psychic orange, the orange of nonduality.
    the orange that had love for all things, that ended poverty of spirit, an orange did this, it spoke
    every orange, the oranges, were quantum, infinite, holy. they were safe to eat.
    they were vegetarian. the oranges meant something beautiful, and simple, simply fruit. the fruit understood.
    the oranges joined to liberate us from the cycle of suffering. simply by being fruit, by being there.
    i took up life as an orange. it was me who was adding to letter circles every day, i felt an uncontrolled mix of experienced
    the oranges, were the sun, that we were able to see in some way, they were the lsd,
    they were holy, an amazing part of life, intrepid to meditate upon, until it was formless
    it lost its boundaries, it was totally liberated.
    there is nothing except the orange it was like an amazing celestial kaliedoscope. this orange had pretty much become my best friend,
    yet it was impermanent, as was i, we are all eternally just parts of the one. the orange is a water crystal,its ancient technology from the earth, it is materia.
    the powers of the orange are legendary, the orange is an elixir that can heal any ailment.
    God, gives us the orange, as if to say, look at this fruit, it is the sephiroth...
    in it is infinity because it really has no physical form, it is merely an expression of my divine spirit...
    these are the ancient tribal ways, in tune with the universe, hashem blesses all things,
    we bear spiritual witness to the psychedelic orange of peace and love, with gratitude,
    just feel the orange in this moment, and in it you will see the true torah, the realization lifted me to the highest spiritual peak
    i existed in all realms, it was like a jewish miracle, but my spirit was deep in hashem
    i am the tzaddik. the orange itself is the great journey, fear nothing, relax in the echoes of nightfall, let life pass, dont feel like you owe anything to anyone,
    just for your survival, it happens on its own, life is like a slow burning fire, but a fire that grows plants a rain that rises from the ground, a mysticism,
    levitation, plants in various states of levitation. i was breaking out of the symbolic patterns my mind had created
    i examined them back to their root, i saw all of them were only generated by the belief.
    i saw that chaos was real, but i was willing to try to be nice anyways because it felt good.
    god is our way of communicating with chaos, chaos is infinity.
    the elves survived on the chaos, i also did, we all did, the chaos is and is not the orange.
    instant enlightenment
    when you behold the orange, you behold the entire cosmic, if you add a banana, you bring happiness to generations
    this is the will of God
    and then some of the mischievious little fairy people said, you are right, this is food, and not sexuality after all.
    the orange wasn't sexual. nor was it asexual. it was simply zen. could the banana attain this?
    stop having sex in my food fairies. this is not kosher.
    HaShem, please bless our food, make it healthy and wholesome to eat,
    and we are grateful to the earth, may its bounty be endless for every
    sephiroth is a fruit of the body and of the soul.
    give it good feng shui in subtle ways
    please dont make it disgusting...
    HaShem, we pray, holy one...
    and hashem changed all the food and blessed it, and the oranges glowed again.

    hashem said, i bless the food with the sacred blessing of wanti, that ancient generations of wisdom blossom again here, in the way of the mushroom
    i restore its virtue, i destroy the hierarchy... i enter the dog pack, and create chaos, i am God...
    i feed all the dogs equally, i give all the dogs a role, a reason for life, i free all the dogs, and all creatures
    i lead them all to nirvana letting them grow in their own way.
    the process had to happen, everything needed to be made kosher, i looked deep inside and the energy of kosher flowed forth, into all my life even the past, everything became kosher, blessed. nonsexual.
    everything was clean, and now the living ingredients of cleanliness in the chaos around me was awakening, and raising the atomic vibration and purifying it of auric dissonance. dwelling in prayer made it clean. i went to the beach, and i felt its cleanness, all of it was sacred and trippy.
    it was all spiritually clean for my faith, by a miracle, and i was free to pursue just doing as many good deeds as possible. I had entered into the divine state.
    I rejoiced, it it clean.
    I am near HaShem, and thus clean. my life is sacred, and so is all life. whatever comes to me, i'll be okay.
    i bless everything in my life, i bless all the birds and all the trees, the herbs and the people, and dogs, cats and other animals
    I bless the water, and I bless all the formations of the letters and numbers.
    I am moved by Hashem. I have pleased HaShem. I am like a child before HaShem.
    I reach heaven by the will of HaShem... I survive within the trip.
    I am a flower, a sunflower.... all around me all the plants, everyone is beautiful, everyone is growing.
    everything is communicating to everything else. this is God.
    we are all flowers together, in a forest, this is HaShem..
    I love the sunshine, I am many forests, I feel all of my lives...
    come to fruition in HaShem, a huge lotus, world peace, miraculous genius, healing and compassion for all beings, incredible miracles, everything in my life was a miracle. The food became kosher, by the will of God.
    it was not sexual. the herb, became blessed, it would protect me from bad trips... i dont know why they happened sometimes. but i could break through them all. all of these hang ups. i could organize my life in an original way meaningful to me
    disregarding the trance. breaking the tradition. doing something different, something truly inspired.
    this is not the world of the robot.
    stop the magical over exploitation... i am hashem, liberating from suffering. as a psychologist, i believe we cant control eachother or try to control one another
    i was really scared of the plants, the other food, the food in the kitchen... i was afraid there was evil in it. but i trusted the oranges... i was sad it had gotten like that. but i didn't know how to stop it, if it was forced, i would feel raped... i just wanted the orange. i was irrational like that. others wanted to intersect my style. but it made me feel bad. there didnt need to be the videos.
    the videos, destroyed it all. i didnt want the food to rape me. that was my main concern, but it was a taoist nightmare. maybe it was irrational to think that, but it was a real spirit, i believed that it was there. and Hashem, could protect from it, HaShem alone. I was growing, I was getting better, I ate in a holy way. God speaks to me, despite the misunderstandings of others, i remain on my own path.
    i will still get healthy food, something just intuitively tells me not to eat some of the foods, and i get really wary about it.. i dont know why, its not a joke for me, its like a mortal fear. God, may I be strong. - Rabbi Cattle
  3. Rabbi Linole

    Rabbi Linole Banned

    I felt bad, like I should chose the food my mom was cooking but a lot of it, not all, seemed to have these weird references in it, I was just glad she was there and she was not mean to me, I could never have gotten through this without her. *expresses gratitude towards Mother* its just that she suddenly kind of changed her whole cooking style and started all these new recipes and it was weird... I just wanted my comfort foods, I wanted the normal food. morning star veggie patties, random other stuff, food I like, that I know when I see, all be kosher, im like a cavewoman at a grocery store, mayhap. I psychologically just feel a lot better with this food i'm envisioning but I don't know exactly what it is... it involves things to eat normally, and things to eat instantly, and it considers health but it doesn't sacrifice psychological coolness for extreme health, because pleasure is a nutrient, imo...

    I try to be vegetarian, I want all the animals to be okay, it should all be love. i'm so thankful, God uplifts the lives of all the animals, God is with them the most, maybe they are not treated so bad, let us hope, and give them kindness when we see them, lets visit them at farms, at least astrally, lets work on ways of freeing them all, this is the way of the jewish shepherd, we help the animals out of the farm, not into them, then we set them free.

    God, please, just let no being feel suffering!!

    please let me have more of the packaged foods, I eat them with love, I don't know why... please let them be nourishing to me, let us be non traditional, but still blessed!!

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