R.I.P Brian Jones 1942-1969

Discussion in 'Music' started by TheLizardQueen, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. TheLizardQueen

    TheLizardQueen horny for knowledge

    Ya, the forgotton Stone shares the same death date as Jim Morrison. Kinda freaky. Anyway, Brian Jones was an extremely talented musician, and without him, the 1960's sound might not have been the same. He was one of the first rock stars to die at 27, and was the first in the line of several others(Janis, Jimi, Jim, etc).

  2. Magicwoman69

    Magicwoman69 Member

    RIP Brian
    Still sad that hes passed away
    i hope he's proud on his band
    cause he was the instigator of the Stones
  3. Politics are awesome

    Politics are awesome Politics suck

    omg he died at 27 that's so amazing :rolleyes:

    its really not that big of a deal. people die at 27 all the time. just like they die at 23, 54, 18, 33, etc etc.

    quite a few musicians have died at 25, maybe that means something mystic.
  4. TheLizardQueen

    TheLizardQueen horny for knowledge

    you don't have to be a smart ass, I was just pointing out a fact. Seeing as how not a lot of people know who the hell he is.
  5. Politics are awesome

    Politics are awesome Politics suck

    how in the heck can someone not know who brian jones is? and why would you point out the fact that he died at 27 rather than some interesting facts related to the music he made? :confused:
  6. citrus_seas

    citrus_seas Senior Member

    Him plus Hendrix, Joplin and Morrison all dying at the same age is how my band got our name...not to mention how influential Brian's music with the Stones was.

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