Quite possibly the most screwed up dream: What does it mean?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by yeldarb, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. yeldarb

    yeldarb Member

    I had a dream last night that went like this (A little background information, I would never join a combat position in the military...you'll get it once you read the dream):

    It started with me in the application room to join the army. I join the army and become a sniper. Then it flashed to me standing in a tundra wasteland in a camp that is reminescent to one of the camps from Star Wars Galaxies (if you ever played the game). It had two tents in it and a stool then near it was a cliff. I had my laptop there with me and my cell phone as well as my Rainbows (A type of sandal). There were a few of us (soldiers) sitting in the camp all dressed in white, snow camoflauge. We had just recieved a new order of sniper rifles that were fully automatic. A few moments later a battle ensues and we were fighting what I think were Russians? Then it ended. A teleporter device came down from the sky and everyone got in it but me and they left without me. Over one of the snow banks two Russian (?) soldiers were coming over towards me. I line up a shot and try shooting the one in front. I shoot him multiple times and see the blood but he doesn't die nor does there seem to be any damage done to him. The second one seems to disappear sometime through this. I run out of ammunition and the front Russian starts talking to me. He says "You can either take off all of your clothes and put all of your things in one pile then procede to piss on them or I will push you over the cliff". So I procede to take off all of my clothes and then I start to think that this guy is going to push me over the cliff regardless. So I break into a run. I was completely naked, but somehow still had pockets. I pull out a Swiss Army Knife and it had a cell phone on it. Somehow I get from the snowy wasteland to a residential area that looks like Pinecrest (A suburb of Miami, a fairly upscale too). I call my father through the Swiss Army Knife Cell Phone and he come and picks me up. Then we go to the army headquarters but I don't go into it we just drive by. Then I'm sitting in a family room telling this story to people. And then I woke up.

    I've never had any dream this screwed up before. Any idea what it means?
  2. themnax

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    i don't know about 'meaning' but i wouldn't call the convolutedness of it screwed up. that's the compensating part of it. i'd say in your dream you were emmerced in a virtual rpg universe, not a 'real' one. the reason the one of the opposition guys 'dissappeard' is his player got bored or for whatever reason, had to log off. so naturaly, at least in this particular 'vr' his player charicter dissappears, rather then becoming a sleeping statue or something. the whole quasi military setting that you're disturbed about having found yourself in, is, i think partialy do to so much of that sort of thing going on, talk of a draft and how you might end up in it. that and combined with the rp gaming you were talking about, mentioned yourself as the source of the military encampment immagery.

    the being left behind is a symbolic expression of insecurity of course, just like the nakedness thing is often more typicaly. your dream is just telling you that you're insecure about the danger of being drafted into the military, which of course, you have every right to be. that your father was able to rescue you by driving past the recruiting center or military head office or whatever it was that it seemed at first he was taking you to is a good thing and a way of telling you that your dreams anyway believe him to have at least that much good his intentions.

    that at least in the context of that dream world you could trust him at least that much.


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