Quiero aprender español

Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by ScrubPuppy, May 25, 2013.

  1. ScrubPuppy

    ScrubPuppy Member

    I was working in a shop that had a lot of Latino workers. At the time I was trying to learn Spanish so I could converse with them in their native tongue. Unfortunately, I now work in a shop that has a lot Asians, so I don't get much opportunity to practice the language. I'm steadily losing what I have learnt and am frustrated.
  2. Engravitada

    Engravitada Guest

    Hi ScrubPuppy, I am a new Latina on this page.
    I haven't a perfect English but i managed to understand several things.
    There should be a frustration for you. Actually people should know all languages. If you need help to improve your Spanish let me know! I also need to improve my English:)
  3. ScrubPuppy

    ScrubPuppy Member

    Gracias por tu oferta. Tengo una docena de libros sobre el español, pero no les he dado mucha atención últimamente.

    Please excuse my poor Spanish. I really miss my Latino friends.
  4. Lisales

    Lisales Member

    I learned Spanish on www.spanishdict.com

    Really cool site, free of charge too. You should totally look it up.

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