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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by G0dm4ch1n3, Mar 16, 2008.

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    What is the best way to store fresh shrooms? Also, What is a proper way of drying them?
  2. To store fresh ones, I'd put them in the fridge, preferably in some kind of air tight container. They won't be good for too long though, so you should dry the ones you don't plan on using within the next week or so. To dry, put them in a container with a desiccant and have a fan blowing over the top. You can warm them up a little too, but not over 95 degrees Fahrenheit, as high temps about 100 degrees and above will cause the breakdown of the active chemicals.
  3. fresh mushrooms can be stored by doing what Psychotronic Nick said, but put honey on it. i know it sounds gross, but it really keeps it fresh longer, and can be fine for months.

    and realize that fresh mushrooms give you a more energetic high, and dry shrooms will give you a more kickback relaxing high. drying shrooms can ruin the mushys so id stick with fresh.
  4. yeah, putting them in a jar of honey is a great idea. they stay good for a long time, and the psilocybin is absorbed by the honey, so then you have psychedelic honey, which definitely would taste better than shrooms
  5. wow didnt know that..do you know if the mushroom loses any potency if i were to take off the honey? ?
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    Acuire a big dehumidifier. Create a shelf system with a plastic bin, wood, whatever. Attach the Shelf system to the humidifier. Use duct tape but leave big vent holes, or just do a half ass job of taping it up. Run it for a day or two. Check after 24 hours, then every 12 after that. They are done when the smallest part of the stem on a small to medium sized mushrooms is brittle. If it breaks easily and completely it's probably brittle. Take all of the dried shrooms and put them in a ziplock in the freezer. You can use tuperware for the freezer, but it's over kill IMO.
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    I saw on food network a really easy way to dry fruit using a box fan, some air filters (non fiber glass of course), and some food grade mesh. Laying the box fan down, placing the air filter then mesh then fruit then mesh then air filter repeating up to 3 layers if needed and holding it all together with a couple bungee cords then setting the fan upright and turning it on low. Would this work?
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