Quick question(aries and gemini compatablity)

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Thethirdbenjamin, Jun 2, 2004.

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    High school for me ended a year ago, but you know how things go there are some things you rember and in particular some people.

    I rember there was this girl i knew in one of my clases she was an aries, she started talking with me and i started talking with her.

    I was normaly freindly and she was friendly towards me, it was like as if she wanted to be freinds with me, I rember right after picture day she was so dying to give me a picture so i could rember her so i went out an accepted it.

    A couple minutes ago i just took a a peek into what her chart, i don't know the time but i do know the date and i looked into it and i noticed that

    any one born on that day regardless of the time whould have mars in tarrus, and i noted i have venus in tarrus.

    I understand that for girls attraction all depends on what sign mars is in and for guys it all depends what sign venus is in.

    we both have tarrus where it should be so does that mean there whould have been some compatablity???
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    they get along wonderfully, sounds like a good match. The best match for gemini is aries!!! Use your youthfullness and energy to equally match an aries.
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    good match

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