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Discussion in 'Make Your Own Drugs' started by Liroy, Dec 31, 2007.

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    Hello Guys and Girls,

    Unfortunately due to my absence I have been unable to give you my own recipes and a new lesson this far.

    with the new year comming up, I cant leave you in the dark for the party,
    so here are 2 recipes thanks to sniper1112 and and a guy working for me at CoreLabs. (one of my company's)
    Sorry for the lack of a 100% proper explanation and everything,
    I hope this is usefull though, and perhaps other users would like to share their recipe's with you :)

    If you eat your brownie/s and you dont feel anything, just wait, it
    will come. When you eat the THC it hits you different that smoking it, it
    takes longer (about 30 minutes) but it last far longer, it gets you higher,
    and gives you a diferent high altogether.
    Marijuana is much more efficient when eaten, so... in favour of all those who don't smoke,and still want to enjoy some THC along with a nice taste of chocolate, here is a space-brownie recipe with chocolate.


    150g butter

    200g dark chocolate (for better results - use a good bittersweet chocolate with at least 60% cocoa)

    200g brown sugar

    75g white flour

    3 eggs

    a pinch of salt, Nutmeg and Cinnamon

    2 tbsp vanilla essence - just for the flavour

    1/4 oz of finely chopped leaf or bud
    1/8 oz ground hash

    Pre-heat the oven to 180c (350f)

    Grease a medium baking dish

    Melt the butter and chocolate (in the microwave or on low heat) while stirring.
    As soon as the mixture is melted and smooth remove from the heat and slowly add the sugar, eggs and spices. Stir the mixture until smooth and creamy.

    Add the flour, nuts and the pot / hash and mix well. If the mix is a little thick add just a little milk as required.

    Pour into the greased tin and bake for 20-25 mins.
    Make sure and put the tin in the oven only after it has reached its temperature.
    Cool on a rack or plate then cut into squares. You should get around 20 squares from each batch.

    Number two

    How to make Pot brownies-
    First get whatever kind of brownies you want from the store. The best Ive
    tried are Duncan hines triple fudge. Check on the back of the box to make
    sure that the ingredients call for butter or another type of fat (Canola oil,
    margerine, etc.)

    Now get the weed. If you use schwagg then about 1/2 ounce (De-seeded of
    course) is perfect. If you use real weed (sinse) then you only need about 1/4
    ounce is good.

    Now take the amount of butter the recipe calls for and multiply that by
    1.5.If the box gives you a choice of cakelike brownies or fudge-like brownies
    be sure to choose fudge-like. Take your butter and place it in a pan, put it
    on low heat until the butter is liquid. Now add the reefer. Heat the pan on
    med-low. Stirring almost continuously. The time you let the butter heat is
    crucial, make sure there is almost no smoke coming from the pan, smoke means
    the butter is buring. There is only one way to tell if the butter is done;
    the color. You might think it looks done, but be patient. The butter will be
    pretty dark for a while, but then in a matter of about a minute the butter
    will just shift to a blunt-paper brown color, almost black... that means its

    Once you get to this point you have two choices: strain the butter/pot
    mixture or leave the weed in the mix. If you are using schwagg then i highly
    recommend you strain it. On the other hand, if you are using Sinsemilla then
    i would leave it in the mix, for two reasons: It gives the brownies a deeper,
    fuller taste, and there is still a pretty good amount of THC in the saute'd

    Mix everything according to the recipe, once you are supposed to add the
    butter, put it on in, whether the weed is still in it or not. when you mix
    all the ingredients in the bowl, mix them well, make sure the butter is
    distributed evenly. Bake the brownies for however long it says and enjoy. One
    brownie should get you high and keep you high for at least 3-4 hours,
    depending on how potent you make them.
    If you dont have enough pot to make brownies see if a friend will match what
    you put in, then you split the brownies down the middle. My friend and I each
    put in 7 grams of sinse whenever we make our brownies, that way you just eat
    one in the morning and your high all day.

    Enjoy folks!

    and a very VERY happy newyear in advance!!! :)

    - Liroy

  2. Mayaxx

    Mayaxx Member

    sounds good.. :) I will post some recipies later.. I have quite a few, but don't have the time right now :p
  3. Righteous Man :)
  4. shrooms37

    shrooms37 Member

    haha nice with the 7 grams
  5. Sukai

    Sukai Member

    Awesome! How many of the squares do you need to eat to achieve a nice high?

    Thanks for sharing!
  6. sushicat

    sushicat Member

    how many brownies does it make?

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