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    Im interested in growing my own shrooms because I dont know alot of people in my area (and the ones i do know are heavy anti drug) and my situationa t the moment prevents me from growing weed. i found this site
    and was wondering if its a good place to get jars/spores? im really a novice so any help you could give me about pricing,sites,grow tips/steps, etc would be greatly appreciated~
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    I've ordered from and they are great :) probly your best bet for jars, however they don't sell spores anymore. check for info. you'll probly want to do cakes if your a newbie. you'll probly need a rubbermaid container w/ clear top, perlite/geolite, a heater of some sort to keep temps around 80-86 degrees fahrenheit, a low wattage (25W is good) light the shrooms can grow towards, and a temperature gauge. you'll want Relative Humidity to be at 95%+.

    Jars from pfjars are 50$/1 dozen
    Spores are usually 10-15 bucks depending on where you order them from ( for a list of legit sites)

    see for a more detailed description of procedures/equipment.
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    I think thats a little too much for a beginner..I just finished my first attempt and it was successful. check out and read up on the invitro growing tek...most of the stuff you need you can get at walmart..I used the cheap canning jars like 15 bucks for a dozen, a thermometer, a water mister, some bleach and a a cheap 3 setting heating pad.

    also those touch lights suck...they'll use up a set of new batteries in about 4 hours...not very efficient for keeping light on them for days at a time.

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