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Discussion in 'Make Your Own Drugs' started by Liroy, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Liroy

    Liroy Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hey people,

    Did you have any questions in regards to the first lesson?

    is there a subject that alot of people would like to see as soon as possible? :)
    Alot of things will be handled, but if there's like... 10 requests for something on cocaine, then I will handle that in a new lesson.
    (This will remain this way when more lessons have been made, so a subject can be picked everytime if multiple people seem to want it... if I dont get any reactions, I will just keep my own schedule on when to post what :))

    I would like to thank all of you for your attention :)
    Get ready for the first lesson by the way,
    working on it as we speak, and I hope to post it over the weekend... although thanksgiving is going to be a hell for me as I have to arrange alot of stuff with a company, hehe :p

    Thanks! :)

    Peace and Love,
    - Liroy
  2. I_kill_emos

    I_kill_emos Member

    Your class mate teach it how ever you want :) so far i've enjoyed it and am looking forward to more.
  3. The thing I think alot of people will want to learn about is making culturally different food's and tea's with these substance's as ingredient's. Most people in this class are probably aware of the marijuana and shrooms culture (i'm guessing) but many people I know don't know jack about taking it to the next level. I've known people who have tried to make shroom tea and just threw like a half of mushrooms in boiling hot water and was mad when nothing happened lol. There is a lot of detail people are not aware of when it comes to this subject. But hey,, that's just my opinion :)

    ~PeAcE & LoVe~
  4. Mayaxx

    Mayaxx Member

    Hmm.. I'm interrested in different ways to take the different drugs.. extraction methods and so..

    I'm also interrested in the drug culture in other countries.. for example in UK and as far as i know the us too, weed is very popular, where in Denmark where i live we almost dont smoke weed, only hash..

    And of course.. Making different kinds of food with different drugs..

    That kind of things..

    I'm looking forward to learning from, not only the teacher, but all in this class.

  5. Liroy

    Liroy Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    For the drug culture in other country's,
    I think we will need to make a topic where people can share their opinions and experiences with what they can and cant get or what is common and what isnt.
    Actually that sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

    I know everything about the drug culture in Holland,
    but since I havent been in other country's for more then 3 weeks straight, I guess my experience with the drug culture in other country's is far from accurate :p

    I wonder what other people think about that! :)

    - Liroy

    A new lesson is planned for this week!
    Once more sorry for the delay.
    Hope that starting from December (so next week :p) I will be able to pust a full lesson every 2 or 3 days instead of letting you wait 10 days ;)
  6. Mayaxx

    Mayaxx Member

    Yea, well i guess we're from all over the world, so learning from each other, not only the teacher, would be a good idea...

    And no rush with the lessons :) i check here everyday, and there are alot of other places to write than just her ;)

    But looking forward to the next lesson :)
  7. i really want to learn bout growing,have a grow box with medium in it and cambodia cubensis spores,but dont want fuck it up,and heres no easy guide to it,i saw 1 here which looks spot on for humidity and stuff,but i live in ireland not cambodia and tis winter so even inside tempatures may not always be in high tempatures like 23'C any1 have good way to keep tempature niice nd warm,homeheating cat be too high either as tis expensive so it would really only be for the box
  8. issa

    issa Member

    Opium. I would like to know more about that. I know that the poppy plants are easy to grow ( from what I hear ) but I haven't heard what the high is like, ect.. Also natural herbal highs. I know that sounds cheesy, but am very interested. Your classes have been interesting, keep up the great work.
  9. shrooms37

    shrooms37 Member

    i want to learn how to grow weed better and my own shrooms. id also like to know how to use it in diff foods and stuff like that.
  10. yaa i wouldnt mind learning bout opium too
  11. BoHiCa606

    BoHiCa606 Member

    I second the Natural herbal high. i've heard some crzy stories with combinations of them.

    opium... ehhh idk... im gonna research that on erowid right now lol
  12. Liroy

    Liroy Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    so most people want to see some stuff about making food products and clearly alot of people want to learn about opium?

    Well I already orientated the upcomming lesson for making some food products with cannabis and mushrooms, some simple some difficult (which is a bit why it is taking so bloody long, not entirely my fault this time, hehe), but I cant do anything with Opium right now.
    I will do something about it though.

    I must admit, I forgot all about opium when I was working something out about heroin, hehe.

    - Liroy
  13. Love_Music

    Love_Music Member

    Personally. i want to know about lsd. is it easy to make?
  14. Mayaxx

    Mayaxx Member

    lsd is extremely hard to make....
  15. erecnisruoma

    erecnisruoma Member

    im soooo looking forward to our next lesson teach. You should surprise us maybe.
  16. The chemicals needed to make LSD are VERY closely watched by the DEA, and if you can managa to order/get your hands on some the government nrequires you to give them updates on your projects that use those chemicals. Plus with how molecularly small the particles are in the making process, magneticly stirring the compounds on a quantum level, it is pretty much impossible to create unless you are a chemist with connections lol.........

    ~!~ *PeAcE HuGz & hEaLiNg EnErGy FoR aLL* ~!~
  17. shrooms37

    shrooms37 Member

    I also want to learn about LSD. My goal is to try it by spring break. Can't wait!!
  18. Totido

    Totido Member

    Any info about DMT and how to extract it would be greatly appreciated :)
  19. Question

    Question Member

    agreed:) bring us the DMT knowledge :)
  20. BoHiCa606

    BoHiCa606 Member

    OMG, i think info on extracting DMT is needed... how could i forgetabout that

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