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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Everybody's Something, May 16, 2013.

  1. Hello, I'm Sean, I've done acid only 4 times (2 times blotters, 1 time with a sugar cube, and once with microdots).

    I feel when I was tripping with my 3 friends I felt left out and kept thinking way to hard about the world. The last time I took acid was about 4 months ago? Though I did take a sugar cube when I was blacked out drunk and I felt amazing the next day like I can't explain... Anyway, my 2 friends wants me to take acid with then again and like i said before when I did it with them it felt very awkward and they kept talking to each other and it kept leading me to feeling left out. I'm not sure if acid is right for me or it's just the people I'm with... I've been just drinking when they do it.

    Sorry this is my first post and I should introduce myself, but I hope someone here understand what I'm going through.

    Peace, love, and marjuana bushes lol that's what my mom would say :D
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    Uhh, don't drink and do acid. Ever. It's completely friggin pointless and just a waste of acid.

    Are you good friends with these guys? or is it the kind of relationship where you just put up with eachother because you can't be assed finding anyone else to chill with? If it's the latter(or something similar) then I wouldn't drop acid with them, but if you guys are close.. then I dunno. It may have just been the trip, you might not be as used to the headspace as they are, so when they were talking you might have been a bit.. loose minded, also may have just been a little paranoid. It happens.

    Also, don't drink when others are on acid, just to be courteous. Drunk people are annoying as fuck as it is, and they're really fuckin' disruptive and even MORE annoying when you're on acid.
  3. I was blacked out at the time and I had no clue I took any until my friends told me. They have it to me... I honestly had no clue. I refused to take acid the whole day and ever since my bad trips so idk... But I won't do it ever again.

    Also, they're my good friends I guess since I chill with them on the weekends but I feel if one of them just uses me for my house or actually both of them because they have no where else to go. Just like when I was out of town they still chilled outside of my house in the back... And the first time I dropped cid with my of them it was fine like I had a decent time but then when we all did they just kept talkin to each other and I felt left out... In my own house I felt left out like wth! I feel like I should drop acid at a festival or something maybe but idk if its right for me..

    True that, but they encouraged me to drink so whatever but I agree drunk people are annoying af. I drink a lot so I'm not that crazy... Only if someone pisses me off or I'm blacked out.

    Thanks for your reply, it means a lot.
  4. lyleleno

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    I would say to wait for a better time and do it with people you feel really trust and respect you. If you already have doubts about whether or not they treat you with enough respect (using your house, etc) that's sort of setting the stage for things to be rather uncomfortable, especially since LSD can cause you to question your relationships and things like that. Can you think of anyone you would rather trip with, and is it possible to just buy the LSD and do it with that person, or even on your own?

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