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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by porkstock41, Jun 3, 2004.

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    i know a kid that can get me acid. i've been wanting some for awhile. problem is, it's ten bucks a hit. isn't that a little expensive? do you think it's really good acid, or someone's trying to make money? i think someone wants money. do you think it would be worth buying? i really would like to try it and it doesn't come around very often.

    since i'm taking acid, i want to make sure i'm going to trip my ass off. should i buy two, eat one, and maybe eat one like an hour later if i want? one of my friends did acid once and wants to again. he's done shrooms like four or five times and the only time he did acid, he also did shrooms. he said he ate an eighth of shrooms and took two hits of acid and it wasn't much different from shrooming. i think he got shitty acid, maybe shitty both. what do you think?

    also, is it possible to have a natural tolearance to psychedelics like shrooms and acid? cuz my friend thinks he does. just the other night, he ate two chocolates (with shrooms in them) and didn't really trip. another friend ate one and tripped balls. everyone is prolly different. thanks for reading.
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    acidprices are usually related to quantity..see if you can get a break on 10..
  3. backtothelab

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    maybe jew him down a bit. If cid is common there, i would'nt take that shit, but if it's rare, i would jump on it.
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    let's put it this way: the BEST acid, in my and many others' eperiences, is often free, or very inexpensive ($5 for less, per hit). furthermore, two hits of solid stuff should propell you into the next dimension, no questions asked.

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