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  1. YouCanTrustMe

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    A common scene in porn is where a man will pull out of a woman to change positions and she will suck on him before he continues. I’m curious if the average woman does this, and if so, is it for her man’s pleasure, or does she really enjoy it? And if you’re doing it because you enjoy it, do you also like to suck on him after he cums inside you?

    I’m wondering how much porn influences what you do versus what you actually enjoy and/or find hot in the moment.

    Happy New Year (almost!)!
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  2. Niamh2636

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    Not sure if I'm classified as your average woman but it's something I do and have done many times with both current and former lovers. For me it's simply a mutual pleasure thing.

    As for being influenced by porn, not at all. I do what I do because I like a specific act or my lover does. Not because I've seen something in a porn movie and therefore feel obliged to do similar.
  3. KerrBear

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    I do that sometimes but not usually. It’s typically my idea when it happens but there have been times where I felt like that’s what the guy wanted and I’m happy to do it in those cases

    I don’t watch much porn at all but I do notice what guys like and surely that has some influence
  4. drumminmama

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    I personally do it.
    Mutual pleasure.
    I clean up.

    Not a consumer of porn.
    Just having fun.
  5. cindy94

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    I do it. I don't kno if I do it cuz I or my partners have seen it in porn or just cuz we want to do it. I enjoy giving oral so if I see cock ends up close to my face I'm gonna try to suck it. I kno he enjoys why not do something we both like?
  6. Mr. Man

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    Well, hopefully he does a good job of licking you out in return and making you orgasm a few times from that, lol. Every man should do that for his woman.
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  7. Pinkpeach

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    I do it, all the time! I enjoy tasting myself, feeling him rock hard in my mouth and he typically enjoys it too! I dont think porn has influenced me in this at all, I just find it super hot in the moment.
  8. Yes! Exactly my thoughts.
  9. Katravenclaw

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    Only when it was vaginal. NEVER ass. But we've switched to anal only so he geta allof his oral fun BEFORE anal.
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  10. playful_nath

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    i think thats just a porn director triying to turn on men, i dont do it between positions. i do it sometimes to let my boyfriend cum in my mouth, but because i know he lives that.
  11. lmm00

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    I do it all the time. I like it. I love to taste myself on him. I just really love to taste myself though. Haha.

    I have sucked on him after he’s cum but he’s really sensitive afterwards so I have to be super gentle.
  12. Lady Shadow

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    I used to go all over the place. Fuck changing positions I would change scenery - the couch, to the floor to the kitchen table, breaking the kitchen table then exploding in the shower, lol.

    Porn didn't influence any of that, and I did initiated all the moving around because I knew my partners would enjoy it as much as I did.
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  13. Daretobare

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    My wife and I would switch many times during sex between oral and vaginal sex. She never seemed to mind nor did I. She many times rather finish me off orally.
  14. YouCanTrustMe

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    Again, this one is FOR THE LADIES ONLY please.
  15. Deejay88

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    Explode in the shower are you a squirter

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