Question for the Aquarians: do you stay friends with a girl after sex/relationship?

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Genie, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Genie

    Genie Member

    For Aquarian people here (or anyone who's had a bit of experience with them): once a relationship is over - would you stay friends with the other person?

    I've had a couple of Aquarius guys in the past and both have been great. I've got much respect for both of them and wanted to keep in touch with both. The first one stopped replying to emails once we were over and only occasionally sent a vague message, so that was pretty clear, nothing much I could do there. The last one suggested we cool things off about three weeks ago (I'll pull the cheesy line here that 'I could see it coming', I really could). I'm not especially sad, but we were good friends with him before things turned romantic and I really wouldn't want to lose that. So, the question is: do you guys think I have a chance of still staying friends?

    I think I've made things a lot worse tonight though: for the first time since we decided to call it quits, I couldn't resist calling for a chat, got his VoiceMail, got absolutely shit scared that he'll think I'm being needy and proceeded to leave a typically 'needy', disgusting message ('Oh, I was just calling to... give a call, etc"). Didn't even finish it and hung up coz there was no way I could come out of that with any dignity. So, I can fairly clearly see this friendship going down the drain too. For the future though, in case I happen to be in something like this with another Aquarian, how can I tell them that I want to stay friends without scaring them off? Surely it is possible to just take sex out of the equation and still appreciate the personality and mind both of us were originally attracted to?

    Some thoughts and opinions about this would be much appreciated.

    TOXIC WASTE Member

    I just happened to be passing by (The last time I posted was the beginning of January 2006) and, caught your question.

    It really depends on how the relationship ended. You (Yes you) would need to do something horrific to make an Aquarian abolish you as a friend. I’ve broken up with many girls and, we’ve become even more, close (On a intellectual level) than, when we were “Boyfriend & Girlfriend.”

    It’s always friends before lovers and, we don’t let a failed relationship ruin the friendship. We are very selective on who we choose as a mate (I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been called hard to get, & too picky) but, don’t use that as an excuse to severe ties, ending the friendship all together.

    Take care.
  3. lost in smoke

    lost in smoke Member

    well it depends on who you break up with really doesnt it? why the hell care about a star sign? its nowt to do with that, its to do with whethewr oyur other half deserves you as a friend. if they have hurt you then its not worth your salt to talk to them, its just better to move on and find better people

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