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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by JamesR420, Jan 17, 2005.

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  2. MeatWagon499

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    theres already a post on here where someone answered 5-15g why not read other ppls posts they are a wealth of info
  3. Jabbawaya

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    Note that those are amanitas muscaria mushrooms. By far the most common type of mushroom that people consume are psilocybin mushrooms, like psilocybe cubensis. Amanitas are a very different mushroom with different effects, response, and dosage. Be prepared for that. Research it thoroughly before trying it.

    The site looks legitimate. I haven't gotten anything from there before, I wouldn't be afraid to buy from them.
  4. someguy142

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    some amanitas will make you puke all over and theres a good chance you may go to the hospital....just get some liberty caps or something...or whatever the name for the brown ones that grow in the woods are...but dont pick them urself get them from a reliable dealer
  5. JamesR420

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    ok thanks guys, sorry i did a repeat im new to the site

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