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Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by MistyMountainTop, Aug 29, 2005.

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    All I really know about seratonin is that it's a neurotransmitor (brain chemical) in the brain, and that it's responsible for mood, anxiety, and to a lesser extent sleep regulation.
    Here's what I don't understand: SSRIs, ( shorthand for Selective Seratonin reuptake inhibitors), are psychiatric medications used to treat depression and anxiety, such as Prozac, Paxil, Celexa, etc. My understnading is that these medications inhibit (block) the reabsorption of seratonin in the brain, thus making seratonin in the brain more available. This works to stabilize the brain chemistry of a depressed or nervous person (such as myself), which aleviates the person's symptoms. That means that when there is more seratonin in the brain a person is more happy. Ecstacy (MDMA) is known to block tghe reuptake of seratonin in the brain (in a much stronger and different way then SSRIs do), which is partially what is responsible for that drug causing euphoria, enhanced empathy and love for others, and the "whippit-feeling" where you feel like you could die at any moment and your life would be complete and meaningful. Ecstacy works on other neurotransmitor sites such as dopamine and norepinephrine, beacuase it has Methamphetamine in it. (NO, its not "cut" with meth, the MA in MDMA is meth), but my brother, (who is studying in college to be a doctor) told me that the seratonergic effects of X are 99 percent responsible for it's effects. So seratonin makes you happy.
    Well I have read in books that LSD is a seratonin antagonist, it lowers seratonin in the brain. On a really good trip, the tripper can be euphoric and feel like hugging people too. So why does Seratonin make you happy, but lack of seratonin can do it too? This makes no sense to me.
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    lsd does not replace seratonin. it attatches to some of the same receptors as seratonin, thus changing the way your brain communicates. its complicated, they dont know how it works totally.
    but lsd doesnt 'lower seratonin' in a manner that you have interpreted.

    andi wouldnt say 99% of the effects. all the effects are simultaneous. they work together to make the Xperience. however the fact that it contains meth doesnt mean the meth bit just falls off and acts like meth. you cant give a percentage when your talking neurochemistry.

    i mean, think about how much ecstacy you take, and then think about how much lsd you take. its like over 400 times as much E than acid.

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