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    I just watched this film for the second time. Does he kill himself in the end?
    Thats all im unsure about.
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    yes, he does.

    i understand how it's confusing, considering that you actually don't see anyone on the vespa as it plunges off the cliff. try to remember, though, we're talking about 1960s special effects. the point is that you see him driving towards the edge with a crazed look on his face - i don't think that meant he was going to jump off at the last minute...
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    A year or two ago, the movie was aired on television, and Pete Townsend was interviewed during the broadcast. When asked if Jimmy died at the end, Pete said that he intentionally left it ambiguous as to whether Jimmy actually goes over the cliff, so as to make a statement. His point was that there is always a choice, between life and death, and growing up or staying a child forever. He wanted to put a positive message in the story. That's what I remember him saying about it, so it's up to the viewer to make up his mind as to whether Jimmy goes over or not. I like it that way better.

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