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Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by SteveDave, Jan 6, 2005.

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    A few days ago a friend of mine went to get a prescription filled at Walgreens and apparenty (from what I'm told) the pharmacist called the doctor and said that she'd been getting prescriptions from different doctors (she travels for her job and has chronic pain in the form of cysts that come and go - no regular doctor - she just hits a hospital when they act up then they go away) and the doctor told the pharmacist to destroy the prescription she had just given her moments ago (this time it was severe POST-SURGERY pain). Is there any legal action she can take against Walgreens now? Is there any retaliation she can do? I'd really appreciate some help here... thanks!!!

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to start a BOYCOTT of WALGREENS!!!!!
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    I am not sure about the legal side of this and walgreens. Only this happens, and like the screen we are now looking at --Modern Technology--Is way up on the scripts and stuff. If the Pharmacy your friend used at different locations while traveling were all or mostly Walgreens, then the pharmacy's are all linked to the computer at all the Pharmacy's. The problem more than likely was an alert that came up on the computer actually telling the pharmacist to contact the Doctor. The Med's I would say were schelduled drugs or Narcotics. The different Doctors and same meds may not bring an alert however if even by like 2 days the scripts by more than one Doctor overlap 'Double Script' then that is probably the deal. Also it is best when getting multiple scripts of controlled or narcotic nature not to use prescription drug coverage as the data is also tracked through this. I had a friend who actually went to jail over the 'Double Script' thing. My advice would be to pay cash and use independant pharmacy's such as older 'MOM and POP' type pharmacys. When paying cash the independant non franchised Pharmacys are less likely to link to other pharmacy's such as the Major Pharmacy's like Walgreens, CVS, Osco, and major Chain Corperate Pharmacy's. Honestly as bad as it seems if try to go up against Walgreens they could go into 'Inspecter Gadget' Mode and do a major investigation and pull up all kinds of allegations and could really end up really go for all kinds of stupid shit and rules, laws, and codes and make it worse. Peace and Well wishes to you and your friend.
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    That is the pharmacists job...
    If your friend has a chronic medical condition, she needs to be treated by a single doctor, or at least have a primary care doctor following her care. ER's are meant for emergencies, not routine care for chronic problems. Destroying the script was seen as forcing the patient into appropriate care. If I had been the doctor, I would have instructed the pharmacist to only dispense three days worth of medication, and refer your friend to a clinic.

    Destroying the script was the doctors order, not the pharmacists perogative.

    As for "getting around" the pharmacy system, paying cash and using independents is one way, or you could just be upfront with the doctors and pharmacists. Using both multiple pharmacies and docs sends up major red flags, if anyone ever notices.

    The computer NEVER tells the pharmacist to call the doctor. It flags "therpuetic duplication," and it does this with all meds, not just pain meds.
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    PS, if the doctor refused pain meds for post-surgery pain, the doctor is negligent and should be reported. The pharmacy does not know why someone is being treated...treatment is the doctors responsibility.

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