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    February 7, 2009

    I was warned! Rene Rodriguez of the Miami Herald gave this movie one star out of four and said it was a yawner. Three quarters of reviewers on Rottentomatoes agreed with his assessment. Still, I went. I'm a sucker for any kind of sci-fi, especially when the gorgeous Chris Evans is in it (perhaps in shirtless scenes as in Fantastic 4).

    Well, Chris went thru the whole movie in trashy clothes that got trashier as the action increased on screen and never got more exposed than one T-shirt with blood on it from being kicked in the face in act one.

    So if, like me, you are going to this movie despite what most reviewers tell ya, here is what it's about. If you saw the trailers you know Nick (Chris Evans) is a telekinetic, known as a "Mover." He is one of several types of enhanced people who have powers such as "Pushers" who put thoughts in others' minds, "Watchers" who see the future, "Sniffers" who can track people by smelling personal items. There are others with special X-Men type gifts that pop up now and then.

    Push Poster

    Nick has been hiding out in Hong Kong for a decade after his father, a rebellious Mover was killed by agent Henry Carver (Djimon Hounsou) a Pusher agent with The Division, a secret U.S. Government agency that has been altering people to make them military weapons.

    Nickis approached by Cassie (Dakota Fanning) who is a Watcher looking for Kira (Camilla Belle) a Pusher who holds the key to bringing down The Division who took her mother. Thus Nick and Cassie are pursued by Carver and his band of meanies as well as other renegades from The Division.

    Cassie and Nick on a Hong Kong street

    If all this sounds a bit confusing, it is. I found it very hard to keep up with who was chasing whom and why. There were some good action scenes and Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning were engaging on screen, but overall, I shoulda heeded the warning. Now I know.

    Also, as with Jumpers, the ending of Push looks like it was set up for a sequel. But, who will go see it?

    Here, for those who will be disappointed that Chris Evans wore a dirty knit shirt all thru this move is how he appeared in Cellular in 2004. :rolleyes:


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