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Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by PandaSquish, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. PandaSquish

    PandaSquish Member

    Ok bear with me, this is a little strange-

    I have this kink sort of like BDSM (or Slave and Master, but only the punish part) but not a lifestyle thing. I really love the idea of being 'punished' something along the lines of 'You left the toothpaste out and now you're getting a spanking' kind of thing. Just more rough and graphic. Like pain and humiliation in some sort of sexual punishment. So I have a few questions I'm hoping someone could answer:

    Firstly, is there an actual name for this kink? I've seen some of it under BDSM or humiliation, or maledom, but I'd love to be able to google it and find what I'm looking for.

    Secondly, my boyfriend and I are starting to explore more kinky stuff, but I'm having a hard time explaining exactly what I like to him and he's afraid of hurting me. How can I encourage him to slap my tits or spank my pussy for some real or imaginary 'crime'?

    And lastly, does anyone have any punishment ideas? I think it'd be easier to convince him if I have some specific ideas. Like if I don't do the dishes what punishment do I get ect?

    Thank you! Sorry this is kind of strange.
  2. Leila_xo

    Leila_xo Member

    my man also likes punishments he dosent like receiving it though ( not really sure) but he sure as hell likes to give it to me when i do something bad :(

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter

    Your Posts Are Getting More Bizarre By The Minute, You Tell Us Your

    Boyfriend Is A Muslim, And Until You The Two Of You Get Married, Any

    Type Of Sex Is Out Of The Question...[​IMG].

    You Confuse Me...:confused:

    Cheers Glen.
  4. PandaSquish

    PandaSquish Member

    I'm sorry, if it's not a mutually consensual thing that's really horrible.
  5. kairilove

    kairilove Member

    Sounds like you have a discipline fetish, just another branch of BDSM. Is it the actual spanking and pain that you crave or more the emotional effect of being controlled and punished? Or both?

    I have had luck converting "non-believers" by being very explicit in explaining what I want and starting of with a little bit of self punishment to show precisely what I am looking for. It seems that some people are able to get over the fear of hurting you when they see how intensely you are willing to hurt yourself. Also establish hard limits and a safe word so that he knows how to gauge the punishment, and that "no it hurts! Please stop!" Really means "oh god yes give me more" and "ostrich" actually means "stop now!" :)

    As far as ideas, that really depends on your personal desires and boundaries, establish what type of things are going to earn you a punishment, then a scale of what type and how intensely you think each should be; or you could do like me and wing it, just let your bf spank you as he sees fit for each offense.
  6. PandaSquish

    PandaSquish Member

    Firstly, thank you! It is more of a domination thing that I like, pain is good, but I'm not really into being hurt. I bought some riding crops and restraints and stuff and I'm tempted to put on a schoolgirl outfit, walk into the bedroom with the sex toys laid out and tell him I've been a bad girl lol See if he gets the idea. It's just so hard to explain to him exactly what I want, and that kind of ruins the fantasy :(
  7. kairilove

    kairilove Member

    Sounds like a plan to me, lol. Role play may help him get the idea, just guide him through it with dirty talk about how you should be punished for being so naughty. If you are going to have a detailed talk about the limits and safeword and such try to do that outside a sexual encounter, saves the buzz kill and lets him know you are serious and not just caught up in the moment.
  8. PandaSquish

    PandaSquish Member

    We've set up a safeword, but never had a chance to use it. When I talk to him he says he's totally into it, but when it comes time he just doesn't commit lol
  9. TexasGal

    TexasGal Member

    Not at all strange dear.. perhaps you could try googling "dominatrix" although that means the woman is the dominant one.. i dont see why u wouldnt be able to reverse the roles though. now for your last question and im only speaking off experience because i to like to be dominated. Try little things like for starters since he's worried about hurting you, get some cuffs or maybe some bondage straps that go under your bed. when he tells you or ask you to do something say "yes sir" or "yes daddy" so he feels like he's in control.. maybe on your freakiest days drop to your knee's and explain how you MUST suck him off for being such a bad girl.. let him know that YOU in fact are his DIRTY little wh*** he's worried now because its new to him but once he gets comfortable he will have a ball.. good luck
  10. wobs

    wobs Senior Member

    you naughty woman texas gal
  11. PandaSquish

    PandaSquish Member

    Haha, Maledom is the closest I've found but it's a little intense lol. That is a good idea about sucking him off, maybe if I can find him slightly perturbed at me for something I can say "Sorry, I must deserve anal sir" How could any man resist that?!

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