Puffed-out nipples! (whoo-hoo!...i guess...)

Discussion in 'Men's Issues' started by Bishiness, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Bishiness

    Bishiness Member

    To start, i have a small case of what is called Gynecomastia

    (a common occurance of breast tissue development that affects over 40% of men) That only effects my nipples. They puff out and... well they actually look like gumdrops o_O... Physique-wise i've never really had anything to worry about, but because of this little thing i'm embarrassed to be shirtless in my own home.

    I was at this small party with a few of my friends and there was a point in time where everybody was lifting their shirts. Started with the girls, and the guys started doing it. Because of my nips, I was a bit reluctant to lift mine. But, i decided that if i didn't come clean then it would be like one of those little secrets that would eat away at people, like a person afraid to admit they were gay. You could say i was feeling peer pressure, but in my opinion it was something needed if i was to get passed my issue with this.

    I didn't want to show any shame, so my shirt went up, and of course, i got an uncommon reaction. Though, it wasn't the reaction i expected... Before i had a chance to explain anything four girls gasped and started touching them and asking me where the hell i got them. I freaked, naturally, because I hardly knew two of them, and the other two, i knew TOO well as friends to suddenly be touched so personally >.>...

    Though I'm still a bit shy about revealing them and probably will never be comfortable with my shirt off, that response kinda made up for years of pointless fear and shame...

    ESRUOS ENO Senior Member

    Come on dude are you a human being? Then act like one...Love yourself for who you are.. And fuck what everyone else thinks... And lots of ppl think man boobies are comical.. You should of lifted your shirt and acted like a team player.. And not be embarassed of your body.. If your freinds are educated enough they might understand that all humans dont look alike... If they need ppl to be exactly like them in anyway shape or form they are closet racist..imho..if you keep watching SNL, we all laugh at everyone including ourselfs... Turn your mind away from the fear and embarassment and make it a joke for others to enjoy...
  3. sweetdeviant

    sweetdeviant Member

    thanks for posting this bishiness. it's a genetic thing. common on my husbands side of the family and my son has this condition. he's still a young teen and very shy about this. he always wears a shirt, even swimming ... he has very white irish skin so it's actually smart to shield his torso from the sun anyway .. considering his dad has had quite a bit of skin cancer removed all over his back, chest, face and neck .... we've encouraged our son to keep the shirt on for protection from the sun (we live in san diego). still, he won't change his shirt in front of people, he's very modest. his cousin (16) had surgery for this and it turned out fairly well. when our son gets older if he wants surgery, we'll certainly foot the bill. if he doesn't want it, then more power to him. is it something we should bring up or let him bring it up to us? as parents we are not embarrassed about it, but i know how cruel some people can be and it's apparent he's somewhat embarrassed.

    any of you guys have advice we can give to him other than esruos eno's great suggestion?
  4. Bishiness

    Bishiness Member

    Sweetdeviant, if your son is anything like me this is just one more thing to make him feel defective. I've mentioned this deformity to my parents once, but i neglected to make as big of a deal out of it as it feels. I want to speak about it with them, but even now that i've recently turned 19, i'm afraid to bring it up. He may act resentful when you try to talk about it initially, but he WANTS to talk about it with somebody, and if your close to him at all, that somebody should be you.

    He's 14-16 right? thats probably the best time to talk about it, because you don't want him being 17 and still haven't come out with his actual worries of this issue. Speaking from experience, I know.

    Oh, and one more thing. I had a cousin that would tease me about them constantly and threaten to tell people about them as a joke. I really feel sorry if he has somebody(a friend, cousin, sibling, or just somebody he knows) who does anything like that to him. Just one person like that could heighten the level of shame he has over them at least twice as much.
  5. sweetdeviant

    sweetdeviant Member

    thanks for your reply.

    yes, we're close. he's 13, 5'6", he's gonna be tall. he'll talk to me. if anyone teases him it's at school he hasn't mentioned it. he goes to a charter school for brainy techy science kids ... so many of the kids there don't care about looks, they care about, *technology and science*. it's the school where it's cool to be different not your typical public, jock school (nothing wrong with jocks). my son and his bestfriend label themselves nerds which, in their opinion, are the guys who turn out to be wealthy and that's what they want someday MONEY. (boys are so different from girls, i love it) his bestfriend (for years) is the skinniest kid on the block (maybe in the city) ..... who has been teased for his really skinny arms. they don't tease each other.

    i'll have a talk with him after i do more homework on the surgery, just to present to him some options to think about.
  6. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    i know you're very aware of them, but i looked in your gallery and they don't really look at all unusual to me. perfectly acceptable, in my opinion. i had no idea that was a condition. i've seen loads of "puffy nipples" on men. i just considered it a matter of personal variation. you do whatever you feel you need to do to feel comfortable, but i wouldn't really have thought anything of seeing you without a shirt. you look normal to me.
  7. Amontillado

    Amontillado Member extraordinaire HipForums Supporter

    I think "gynecomastia" involves more than just nipples. It would be a situation of fatty tissue on the chest which would look like breasts. It's fairly common for adolescent boys, and usually goes away by the time they turn 20. I've heard excessive marijuana use can cause it too, but of course nobody here has anything to do with that.

    As for the puffy nipples, it's trivial. If I'd seen the pictures in your gallery without reading the postings, I'd just have said "Nice looking dude, bet the girls appreciate him" and moved on. Seriously, the stuff that we obsess over is meaningless to anyone else. We all have a variation or two in our bodies, and it's fine.
  8. trainwreck530

    trainwreck530 Member

    personally bro i wouldnt worry 2 much about it. if u are feeling nervous in social settings about the whole thing ill make it simple for you...throw alcohal @ the situation:cheers: some people might disagree but u wouldnt be worrying about it anymore. go from sitting in the corner to being the life of the party. id recommend a clear liquor like vodka or gin...those usually go well communicating
    with the opposite sex :hug: other than that lift weights. good luck bro...i wouldnt worry bout it everyone is different that is the beauty of it variety is the spice of life.

    ..::~peace~::.. donny
  9. Kizen

    Kizen Member

    i wish my chest looked that good
  10. Bishiness

    Bishiness Member

    just as bust sizes differ between women, cases of gynecomastia are different between men that have it. In my case, the fat and breast tissue is minuscule enough to only effect my nipples. If you were to compare my case to others, you could say i'm lucky.

    I know its just the angle and quality of the shot. Grayscale makes a bodyshot seem a load more atractive. If you were to personally see me shirtless they would probably be the first thing you saw. I mean, it was the first thing my friends noticed.
  11. Holy shit lol. I've had this little bump underneath my right nipple for like a year now.

    It isn't noticable at all really. And if I have no shirt on nobody has noticed. But it's just like a little ball or bump in my nipple lol.

    And it does make sense that weed could do that because when I was sick and didnt smoke pot it went away.
  12. Aristartle

    Aristartle Snow Falling on Cedars Lifetime Supporter

    Yeah, I do really see the issue here. I don't think they're puffy.

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