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Discussion in 'Cults' started by burnabowl, Feb 17, 2009.

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    i posted on a thread on the recovery from mormonism site ( but i guess the admin runs a tight ship and the thread was nuked. the OP was asking about "god drugs," and whether they are legit. this post was in the context of breaking the mental chains that a cult system ensnares people with. mormonism might not seem cultish with its squeaky clean image, but cult tactics are an interwoven reality of mormon existence. if you leave the church, you're made to feel that you are leaving your whole family dating back to adam, and that you are leaving all good behind and are embracing pure evil. anyway, here's the post and i highly recommend to anyone who struggles with letting go of bad childhood conditioning to look into psychedelic therapy. an artificial creature (falsely conditioned mindset) can employ an artificial recovery method to become whole:

    Yes there are certain drugs that a number of users say facilitated spiritual ecstasy. As long as there's been human history there's been a link between psychoactive drugs and shamanism. That's not to say pop a pill and see God, but these drugs interrupt the brain's selective processing so that raw sensory input is experienced. One can direct it toward a meditative state and God consciousness can be achieved.

    It's not that the substances contain certain things that are authors to the visuals that are seen, they only remove the filters of the mind and the visions experienced are part of the person's mind or soul, not an intoxicant effect. One can have the same visions through disciplined meditation which is not always practical for a western lifestyle.

    The God I say I've interacted with is not a bearded Elohim type figure in the sky, but a composite of all existence living and nonliving, essence to our form, just the thing we call life really. I think the creator and the created are the same essential being, only consisting in different forms of consciousness. On a psychedelic one can have a journey through the tapestry of different conscious layers, and even tap into the universal consciousness that underlies us all.

    But I reiterate it doesn't happen for everyone.It's all about the individual person, their makeup at the time and point in life, and where they are on their own spiritual journey.

    One very relevant thing about psychedelic drugs (mushrooms, lsd, dmt, mescaline) is their effect on neural plasticity. Basically the neural pathways are more flexible during a trip, similar to the soft nueral makeup of a young child. Kids grow up and the neural pathways become hard-wired and the ability to adapt and learn fades, while the events of childhood tend to wire them in a certain way. We see this exploited in mormonism:"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs

    Psychedelics help to soften up the mind similar to a childlike state and one can "reprogram" themselves however they want. Unfiltered perception shows that one's reality is merely one crystallization in a sea of quantum possibilites. One emerges from this fluidity with a fresh palette and new eyes and can literally establish one's own values on a direct experience with essence, rather than embracing inherited values. To me this has enormous potential in cult and other psychological recoveries. Too bad most of 'em aren't legal. But san pedro cactus is legal and with some elbow grease you can extract mescaline. xD
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    Nice post, ive experienced many changes in the way I think since I have taken psychedelics. I havnt had any issues with religous or cult conditioning in the past but it has helped me to wash away alot of negative social conditioning through direct experience. I havnt heard anybody explain it that way before.
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    thats interesting... i wonder if psychedlics effects on neural plasticity can be applied to other matters.... second thought... i wonder what about psychedelics enhances neural plasticity. if one could find that, then potencially one could create a pharmacutical that could help people with learning disabilitys' and such.... shit man, research time
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    The ++++ experience itself is direct and without quality, it's up to the person after the experience to integrate it into their life this way or that way. Some people are de-programmed from cultish mind games, while others have their worldviews congealed even more solidly. Though I think this is rarer.
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    Neural plasticity can be cultivated. Neural plasticity can be stimulated. Chemical stimulation, while initially "enlightening", has its' ceiling, that being you must feed the meter. Psychedelics alert us to potential, but they are not the authors of that potential.

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