Prostate Massage/ Stimulation/Orgasms for Health

Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by topper, May 16, 2018.

  1. topper

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    It started as part of a therapy for a minor prostate issue. Regular prostate stimulation has helped maintain a healthy prostate. The prostate milking therapy introduced my wife to my ass and prostate health. We maintain a regular schedule. The good thing is that it went from a theraputic remedy , it also became a New Sexual Pastime. Even if we don't play around during in between the schedule, she doesn't hesitate when it comes to the schedule. It started with a hand held dildo, or "appliance" as my Dr put it and grew into Strapon fun. She finds it easier to do it that way and it's much more fun.
    Has anyone else incorporated a health issue into Sexual Fun and Health at the same time?
  2. OrleansWordsmith

    OrleansWordsmith Moderate anarchist

    I've read the more regularly a man has sex, the better shape his prostate will be in and that men can have amazing orgasms with milking. However, I think many men are loath to be stimulated this way: it's gay, it's submissive, it's wrong... I say anything that will keep one healthy and give pleasure can't be bad. And by regularly, about 8 to 12 times a month seemed to be the recommended "dosage." The appliances do not damage the entrance of the anus by overstretching it either, causing possible other issues. And fingers are too small to do so either with proper lubrication and relaxation, I've read. It's always healthy to have good sex unless you have a serious heart condition, as far as I know... I hope people weigh in on this..
  3. topper

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    In the beginning of my prostate therapy, she told me that it is not supposed to sexual or fun. It was natural to be excited and I certainly couldn't hide it. I was allowed to masturbate, since it helped to produce a more intense orgasm and larger ejaculation.
    It didn't take long for her to react to my excitement and she started to enjoy doing it, rather than it being a chore.
  4. OrleansWordsmith

    OrleansWordsmith Moderate anarchist

    I would think any woman would be excited to see her partner excited and make what might've been strictly therapy fun for both of you.
  5. Si69

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    The most intense orgasm I've ever had has been w prostate stimulation. That's why I think when taking a cock inside you u should always consider the angle of dangle/pointing and the fuck position in order to get the most intense stimulation of your prostate.

    Happy orgasms,

    Simon :)
  6. topper

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    It was basicly the same angle as hitting my wifes g spot,during intercourse.

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