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Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by YankNBurn, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. YankNBurn

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    Okay fenced land just up the hill from the river and about 8 miles out of town on paved road. Power and phone on site, fenced in smaller area for whatever. South west slope for solar use. Trees for shade and heating. Jobs in area, 3 major employers and assorted odd jobs too. Has outhouse already.

    The guy I bought it from had a trailer, got water from in town via water tank (cost .50 for 250 gallons) His dad died and his mother needed assistance on the farm so he moved home.

    Things to do in area, the rivers offer fishing, boating, tubing, swimming, gigging. The lakes offer fishing, boating, swimming, ect. The national parks offer camping, hiking, hunting, trail rides ect.

    There is a farmers market in town every weekend, several music events, art shows, guns shows, home shows, craft fairs ect to keep you swamped and never bored.

    Will help the buyer with avoiding the normal issues wuth transplanting to a new town and also will introduce you to alot of the locals so you get to know some people if you wish.

    Its over an acre, well suited for small orchard with berry plants to surround the fence lines and a nice garden in the center (or atlest that is what I would do with it).

    $5500.00 willing to look at trades or ???

    I dont care if I sell since the taxes are like $15.00 a year so it dont hurt ne none to sit on it but had hopes a person would have a use for it get them a hold in the world.

    pm me!
  2. YankNBurn

    YankNBurn Owner

    I suppose knowing the location would help.

    It is located in Missouri about 90 miles from springfield and just outside of Mountain View..
  3. UnderbredFred

    UnderbredFred Member late huh?
  4. Duma

    Duma Member

    Do you still have this land??

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