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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by JohnnyATL, Jan 24, 2005.

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    Its happening again
    we're going down the same lines we've walked before
    and the same road that made us weary
    but it all should be over soon
    because the same razor that cut us apart
    shall soon be the cause of my demise
    And the blood will run like you through my mind
    And the image is beautiful
    But isnt infinite

    But you will be beautiful forever
    and when the trees begin to collapse from their roots
    your image still shines strong
    and when all my blood runs out you will still be there
    that you wont let it happen again
    and that you will give it all your worth next time around
    because this time counts
    and this time it will be worth it
    Trust Me.

    This is about a girl I know named allyson and I have known her since i was 11. She doesnt think shes pretty but I think shes beautiful and i keep on seeing her waste her life on a boy that just goes from one to another.

    just thought i would give you my motive
  2. charms

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    have you told her how you feel? maybe you should give it a try if you haven't.
  3. JohnnyATL

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    I have but everytime shes like "it will be different this time" yeah right...all he wants to do is pop the cherry and he told me so
  4. Firebelle

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    Lines 5-9 of the first stanza are absoloutely beautiful, dripping with that wonderful melancholic quality true poetry affords, it's tangible, touchable...*sigh* This Allyson is lucky and, believe me, she will see in time that she can rely on you to think of her as lovely. It is a sad opinion of mine that women learn more about love from the immaturity of undesirable males, than they do from those who know how to love.

    Take care.
  5. saffronfrancisburnet

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    lovely words from your heart...

    like above..if you have not spoken of this
    then she may keep making the same mistakes....then again
    it may be something you both have to learn in life....

    love.......what and where is love true togetherness...

    show her these words your words.
    let your path maybe change hers.......if you are true .

    love n peac efrom saff
  6. imaflake

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    Keep being there for her. From what you said, I can see my past self so much in the bad relationships this girl puts herself in. Please show this poem to her. She needs it.

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