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  1. deadonceagain

    deadonceagain mankind is a plague

    ok a got a bottle of 25mg promethazine i know its uses for nausea but is also usd for a sedative and motion sickness, and i know both sedatives and moton sickness drugs can be used reacreationaly so im tihnk so can this one anyone ever use it or know how much to take and effects?
  2. stoner24/7

    stoner24/7 Member

    i got a shit ton of that stuff didnt know it was a sedative bout to research it some more but iver never heard of it used recreational
  3. PhotoGra1

    PhotoGra1 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Any recreational effects will be a result of the antihistamine and anticholinergic properties of the drug. It will make you hallucinate, but it is far from fun.
  4. deadonceagain

    deadonceagain mankind is a plague

    yeah i was guessing the effects would be along the lines of something like dramamine or DPH,it just i realy never heard of it before and wanted to learn more about it
  5. junkyman420

    junkyman420 Member

    promethazine can potentiate the effects of an opiate high and also help you sleep if you need it
  6. JahRed24

    JahRed24 Member

    Do u think promethazine would potentiate buprenorphine? (aka - Suboxone)
  7. floydfreak03

    floydfreak03 Member

    any sedative antihistamine will potentiate an opiate, so the answer would be yes. i would keep the dosage of the promethazine low, becuase alot of it, combined with the suboxone, might depress your breathing alot.
  8. polymer

    polymer Senior Member

    "sip sip sip sippin on some syzzurp..."

    never heard of that? purple drank..In tx, they call it lean.. but it's prometh + codeine. it's old news in tx. rappers used to get spun off it.


    it's the purple stuff on those sunny D commercials [​IMG]
  9. polymer

    polymer Senior Member

    maybe where you're from

    sizzurp is promethazine/codeine, a deuce (20oz of sprite), and a jollyrancher. Houston started the trend.

    dj screw was sippin syrup since at least '93, created a whole style of rap music around it.
    ("choppd'n'screwed") Phenergan w/ codeine (promethazine w/ codeine) was his drink of choice. ...the ol' H-town lean.
  10. MiNdTrIp

    MiNdTrIp Member

    promethazine creates what they call a synergistic effect. promethazine will increase the effects of opiates.

    A friend of mine and I had taken some hydrocodone and codeine. The we took a couple of promeths.......and wow.
  11. polymer

    polymer Senior Member

    some people say it has a shot of vodka, crushed vicodins, to dxm (which is bogus.. cheap crap best reserved for robotrippin rather than leanin), depending on where they are. the original is the aforementioned formula, served in a polystyrene cup.
  12. JahRed24

    JahRed24 Member

    I used to get that OxyFast (liquid Oxycodone, like 10mgs to every 1ml.) and i would mix up some of the oxyfast and a sprite and then have some "Super" lean with no bullshit chemicals, just pure Oxycodone...

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