Promethazine/Codeine Syrup (Lean) Question

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by Crazy_Kush420, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Crazy_Kush420

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    So I went to the doctor the other day because I'm having stomach problems along with ENT problems and I believe I am going to be prescribed it. Anyone fuck with it on a usual basis? I got some before from a hookup but I doubt it will be the exact same since they have different colors (red,yellow,purple). Which is which and whats a nice dosage?
  2. NICU97203

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    In my experience, unless you have hardly any kind of tolerance at all to opiates, that Codeine/Promethazine syrup sucks royal dick. All of these Southern Rappers talk about the shit like it is the most potent drug out there but it is definitely not. As far as syrup goes, the best you might get prescribed would be Tussionex and that shit has always rocked my world, even when I had a high tolerance. The best way to go about getting it is to say that you are coughing really bad and that it gets the worst when you get in bed at night. Then go on to say that you cannot sleep and it is interfering with your ability to work in the morning. They might start you out on some weaker Hydrocodone syrup but I used to always wait about three days and call and say the shit was not preventing the cough and then they would normally call in a prescription for Tussionex. Think about it and play dumb! Act as if you do not know that it is a narcotic. Good luck.


    Hopefully that made sense. I typed it really fast because I am about to have to go into a meeting. Sorry if it does not make any sense.
  3. Crazy_Kush420

    Crazy_Kush420 Member

    Appreciate it. Ive hinted at how problematic my cough is. My doc thinks i got some kind of gallbladder or liver problem, cuz Ive been complaining about my stomach also. I belive next appointment ill get some. Its the least they can do after they make you drink chalk and shoot radiation at you hahah. By the way, what color is the liquid? I want to make sure i dont get ripped off with some weak shit... cuz i have a high tolerance to dillys
  4. navajas

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    the most famous opiate syrups are phenergan with codeine (codeine/promethazine) which is usually purple, however alotta other colors and flavours were made, most claim that purple is the best flavour, doesnt make a difference though... the other syrup is tussionex (hydrocodone/chlorpheniramine) and its usually yellowish orange... the king of syrups though is dilaudid syrup eventhough its not famous as the previous two, but good luck getting that prescribed to you... anyways ive never tried oxys or dillys (only opium and heroin) but most people here say codeine SUCKS when compared to those opiates... however eventhough its a weak opiate i consider it to be pretty euphoric... morphine and codeine are natural occuring opiates found in opium... anyways get that bottle of codeine/promethazine, pour a nice amount into a cup, add sprite and sip... good for mdma and coke comedowns plus not as addictive as oxys or heroin... dnt expect much though, n dnt over do it, it could easily turn into a habit when mixed with high grade weed... the combination of cannabis, codeine and an antihistamine like promethazine (to potentiate codeines effects and decrease side effects) is so fuckin CHILL!!! wish i could get some of that shit for my stimulant fucked up comedowns...
  5. Crazy_Kush420

    Crazy_Kush420 Member

    Appreciate it.
  6. SpENS93

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    sippin on some sizzurpppppppppppppp
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  7. Dagmbrhan

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    hey guys
  8. MAKeR

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    Just an FYI - the most well known rap song about Lean, without question is Three 6 Mafia - Sippin’ on sum Sizzurp (Feat. UGK) - they were sippin’ on that Yellow outta baby bottles (DJ Paul in a DJ Vlad interview recounted how they almost died making that music video and they used baby bottles and called it Sizzurp/Syrup because if the higher ups at Loud & Epic knew they would’ve never made that the radio single let alone fund the music video )

    All respects to Houston & DJ Screw’s crew (RIP DJ Screw) no doubt he was the pioneer but I might not be into hip hop at all without “When The Smoke Clears...” LP and a few other albums (Kottonmouth Kings - High Society, Gravediggaz - Six Feet Deep, Esham - Kkkill The Fetus etc)
  9. MAKeR

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    ...But the higher ups clearly never listened to the track or the lyrics lmao

    “Take that monkey shit off, you’re embarrassing us
    I got the red promethazine, thick orange, and yellow tuss
    Hydrocodone on the hands-free phone The '84 Brougham on them blades, twenty-inch chrome
    If you got sixteen, you can get a bizzerd I'm choking on that doja sweet and sipping on that sizzurp”- Pimp C

    “Forty dollars for just one ounce ounce, plus Tussionex is how it's pronounced
    Niggas sipping and dipping and tripping, man, I'm 'bout all out...”-DJ Paul

    “Nothing like that yella yella, that'll have you itching, mane
    Talking like, what's up, fool? Vocal chords sounding lame”-Juicy J
  10. Wasn't Justin Bieber having problems with codeine not too long ago? I haven't tried it myself; at least not recently. My friend's mom used to have some powerful syrup for pain or some legitimate purpose. She had cancer at that time. Can't remember how the hell we justified using her medicine, but actually I believe it was hydrocodone syrup, so maybe not the same thing. I've done some kind of syrup before. He used to let me take some of that when I was coming down off a meth high.
  11. WritersPanic

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    In parts of the Caribbean they sell codeine and Paregoric over the counter.
  12. MAKeR

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    In South Arrica you can get Empacod ( 20mg/500mg codeine / apap ) otc
  13. eggsprog

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    Canada too.
  14. WritersPanic

    WritersPanic Greasing up my Staff Member Super Moderator

    I can see that, a cocktail of the 2 will basically stop a cold in its tracks!
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  15. WritersPanic

    WritersPanic Greasing up my Staff Member Super Moderator

    Bet you can't in North Africa!
  16. Irminsul

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    Woah, liquid codeine?
    Mind blown.
  17. eggsprog

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    Sorry, I misread your post. I have no idea what paregoric is. Here they sell pills with 8mg codeine/15mg caffeine/300mg acetaminophen over the counter. You just have to ask the pharmacist for them, they aren't just out on the shelves.

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