Progressive Folk Rock?

Discussion in 'Folk Music' started by nervosa, May 29, 2007.

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    Well, that's the genre we thought fitted us best.

    I'm in a band called Nervosa, I'm the mandolinist. We're influenced by Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Beatles, Ralph McTell, Simon and Garfunkel...

    We mix mandolin and piano accordian with guitars, organ bass, drums and percussion.

    Does anyone like their folk with a twist? Or are you into the traditional approach?

    Can anyone recommend any good listening?
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    Hey! What do you mean with the traditional approach? Real folk I guess. Or traditional folk rock like the stuff that started in the sixties? I love artists from both.
    I don't know if you're already familiar with folk rock like Pentangle, they mix folk with a jazzy feeling. Some of their stuff on their early albums really are progressive folk rock.
    If you're into folk rock with an electric guitar and drums (which could be considered pretty progressive if you compare it to traditional folk music) there is a lot to check out!
    A must to know is the album The garden of Jane Delawney by the Trees. I also recommend Magna Carta, especially Lord of the ages!
    But also the more wellknown Fairport Convention has a lot of great folk songs with a great folk rock twist. Especially songs like Sun shade and The lobster really are prog/psychedelic folk rock. Heavily recommended! Also counts for superb albums of Steeleye Span like Now they are six and Below the salt. I hope you dig them! :D

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