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  1. Twan69

    Twan69 Member

    now, dont get me wrong, i love the ganj. Ive been a heavy smoker for a year, i could smoke all the tiem no problems. the last couple weeks, or even 2 months, whenever i get stoned i just get really quiet, somtimes paranoid about the shitty things going on in my life. and i cant stop thinking about them. A cxouple weeksago i decided maybe finally taking a week break or 2 would help. i didnt smoke, then a took a couple bong rips and i was gone and i had a SHITTY paranoid time worrying about what other people are thinking and was fucked up. Normally im a confident, talking, funny guy. whats my problem here? why cant i have fun highs anymore? i get a bad feeling whenever i even think about smoking. And after all this smoking, im randomly depressed during the week, like for instance whenever im a round peolpe im fine but when i come home and im by myself i just getso sad and depressed and im like why the fuck is this happening? this has only happend today and yesterday but you see my point...this shit aint good. Help me out brothers?
  2. ericf

    ericf Member

    Dude if you aren't enjoying weed right now... let it go. She'll be there if you decide to come back. It sounds like you need to take a serious break for a couple of months and get your head on straight. Get your life back together.

    Why smoke if it only makes you feel bad? :confused:
  3. Twan69

    Twan69 Member

    and in addition to all this shit, i dont want to do anything when im baked anymore. im just a sad kid...its not cool guys
  4. Twan69

    Twan69 Member

    i love those old highs where everything was funny, and everything is beautful, i want that shit to happen again. I mean, whats my deal? Is this marijuanas side effect on my body?
  5. twoseeeyes

    twoseeeyes Member

    I think your suffering from a little anxiety. Just try to smoke very little and see how it feels. If it makes you feel like shit, stop smoking it. Or you might want to try a sativa type bud.
  6. Twan69

    Twan69 Member

    yes do i cure this? somtimes im happier than a clam then i just get down...real doesnt feel good
  7. LuciferSam

    LuciferSam Member

    Dude if it's no longer fun to toke then there's no reason to. Put it off for a while. Plus if you let your tolerance wear off you'll have those old nostalgic highs back.
  8. Twan69

    Twan69 Member

    i know guys, i just gotta know how to cure it. those old highs were fuckin awseome! Anxiety issues are killin them
  9. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    You have to listen to your body and mind. If your mind tells you to quit then quit.

    Remember not to try to solve problems. Marijauan doesn't solve problems, it simply gets you baked. :)
  10. Twan69

    Twan69 Member

    i just have a bad attitude towards it...i think my highs would jsut be sweet again if i KNEW i would have a good time...i keep feeling like oh shit its gonn be like last time where i just sht down and worried about my bad grade here or blah blah mind wont shut the fuck up
  11. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    i think if you do continue smoking, you do need to stop worry. My guess is that that is not helping your highs at all. Just get yourself to mellow out and not be worried. It's all good. :)

  12. You could have a depression or anxiety problem that pot triggered. It also just could not sit well with you right now, think if your mood or life situations have changed. Try smoking by yourself a few times and see what happens. If you start to stress out, just remember to relax and remind yourself that this should be an ENJOYABLE time and not a time to stress. If it keeps happening, stop smoking. At least for a while. There's no reason to have bag highs, especially if pot is making you depressed even when your NOT smoking.
  13. socialmachine

    socialmachine Member

    the same thing happend to me when i was around 15 years old i loved weed and such but every time i got high i got really insecure and paranoid about what people were thinking about me, then around that time i had a anxiety attack that took a few months to recover from, but what helped me was to stop smoking pot and i had a lifestyle change, i stopped carring about what people thought of me and i thought fuck society's bullshit standards, and i got more interested in punk rock and i hit the streets and stayed drug free for a bit, im not saying that you should go out on to the streets, but thats where i found my answers.
  14. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    the same kinda thing happened to me awhile ago. it's really hard to explain, but i just felt weird and shitty when i smoked. i was kinda depressed and just in a bad mood all the time and when i got high it seemed to make it worse. so i pretty much lost the desire to smoke, cuz all it did was make me feel bad. i just worked through my problems, and now things are back to normal.

    i would say do the same. just stop smoking for awhile and try to get happy again. or you could maybe just take a couple hits, just get a buzz. good luck man.
  15. Yeah I am starting to think really good weed does it. all those crazy crystals and higher THC percentages have to be doing something!! WHen you buy good shit you get different strains at different times which gives you different feelings when you smoke.
  16. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    Dude, im having the same problem. Just smoke less, get new weed, and smoke in a place where u like to have fun. Smoke on weekends, if ur worried about school or whatever...start toking in the summer time when u don't have to worry about anything. And take a time off. A couple weeks will do it, u'll feel like shit because u'll be like, "dude, i gotta toke up!". But u just got to get ur mind in the right setting..

    Remember dude, marijuana is beneficial to ur mind and spirit, bob marley said "smoking herb, reveils u to urself" when u smoke and u get paranoid and scared and u feel like shit, u should learn from that, there is somehting going on in ur life that u don't like, or is making u pissed, etc. Next time u smoke, try this, is to reflect on ur life, and suddenly u'll start understanding urself better...i do this all the time..and it works great.

  17. DharmaBum

    DharmaBum Old Guard

    The Exact same thing happened me ,i used to Love smoking hash and then after a while it just got me down and anxious ,i dont think it triggered anything in me ,i think when i was high i was much more aware of ohw shity my life was getting ,it basicly aplifies your state of mind ,and if your current life condition's are Shity ,then it's going to show when your High ,Take a break ,get yourself together and ease back into it when your READY!...if it still does the same then just cut it out altogether man ,it wont be worth it ,i'm still taking a break at the moment and getting the ball rolling in my life so to speak..good luck dude...Peace out
  18. maryjaneguitargurl

    maryjaneguitargurl I am just like you.

    well marijuana is a depressant and also a stimulant.. get a clue there lol
  19. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    Just don't expect smoking to make you feel better if you already feel shitty. Sure, it can relax you and stuff, but it is still quite possible to feel high and depressed.
  20. Twan69

    Twan69 Member

    yeah maybe this is jsut a depression problem....why though? i was always such a happy kid! I still am most of the time, when im with people i like at least. not by myself. Its fucking weird and fucked up guys..i dont even want to smoke anymore out of just not wanting to feel shitty

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