Problems while sleeping... that i don't even know about!

Discussion in 'Mental Health' started by Jedi, Jun 5, 2006.

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    hi, this is a thread about what my sister claims that i am doing... my dad also said this once or twice too... i go to sleep and all of a sudden i wake up and yell and go to sleep again, or get scared whenever some one comes into my room and get up and yell and go to sleep again, sometimes they said i look at them like i am ready for them to attack or something... I don't remember any of this when i wake up in the morning again. I feel just fine, i am not stressed out... maybe i am doing alot of studying lately, i am about to take mcats and have dreams about studying too but thats about it... do i have a mental disorder... i don't want to spend money on a psychologist, but i guess i need to, 2 months ago, the same thing happened , i ran out of my room screaming and my dad ran out to me and said "whats the matter what happened in panic" and i almost crushed his arm screaming something and i woke up , he kept repeating "its me, dad , whats happening are you okay, its me dad, wake up!" ... they don't know what i was screaming about, they said it made no sense to them, but after that it never happened, except now my sister says she is scared at night because i wake up scream something and go back to sleep...does anybody know here what it is that might be causing this..., why this is happening to me! for that matter... looking for a little support here, I really hope some one who had the same experience speaks out and what they did to solve the problem...
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    I was a sleepwalking and talking child, so I know what its like.

    There is a chance that you may have a sleeping disorder, however it is pretty common. Or it could just be a result of fatigue.

    Here are some links that discuss sleeptalking in further detail.

    I hope this helps and good luck on your MCATS.

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